Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mission Failed #1

It's Friday. Gulps.

Taking a break from reading the so many articles (and there is many more to cover..). Maybe, my health is deteriorating, or maybe i am just plain exhausted due to the lack/irregular sleep. Cause this past few days, I realize that I have been trembling when trying to write/type know when operating my hands. But then again, even when i am not doing anything with my hands, i could feel the tingling sensations every now and then and i would tremble afterward.

Bizarre. I do hope it is only temporary and nothing serious for I just cannot afford to be sick physically, mentally and financially. Yes, am a pauper student with one final allowance due end of this month. After that, I am on my own.

I can go on and on at least keeping awake for a full 48 hours (i have done that, most of the time for studying purposes) BUT that was when i had a maid. Now, all by myself (except on hub's day off) I can't be selfish and immerse myself into studies. Got to cook, feed, bath, care for my little terrorist, my little rascal, my little angel.

What have I done so far? Prior starting my 'marathon-crash-writing' plan, I've marked today as the day for submitting 3 chapters in drafts.

Unfortunately, can't keep up. Dateline have to be postpone till next Monday. Planning to submit/meet SV after my daughter's doctor appointment, insyaAllah. Hopefully, I finish by then.

Meanwhile, am gonna log off. This old hub's laptop that's operating without battery & without a cooler fan, is getting overheated. Need to eliminate any risks of further postponing/injuring myself and the work.

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