Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pimples Festival, Nabil the Copycat & Mee Yoke Haram?


OK this time i am determine to finish writing my thoughts that i have put on-hold for a few days. Banyak kisah nk aku simpankan sebagai kenangan blog yours truly that rarely get to be updated.

Kisah #1 Pimples Festival

Sebelum tu mari jamu mata......

ha pastinya sudah boleh teka apa aku nak cerita. OK. before that, a confession. I was never a cosmetics lovers, i don't wear make-up most of the time except if there's really, really some special occassion to attend to and even that i only use some cheesy cream for the base/ make-up foundations, a blusher, eye-liner (black) and lip-gloss. And whenever i do have make-ups on, i never really care to have 'touch-ups' every few hours/meals/drinks..However, I love make-ups product, I admire colors range that you can have to put on your face, I admire people who are savy when it comes to beautifying oneself with make-ups, like the whole nine-yards i.e. base, eye-liners,eye-shadows, mascara (curled up), lip liner, know everythinggg and look superb and most importantly confident.

Many times i have the urge to be one of those i admired looking with make-up on, but i cringe at the fact of those beautification kits that you need to have and maintain for years to come- the prices of make-ups that ever increased, just add to my reasoning of not giving into this kind of indulgence. So what can a girl do to at least have a few playtime with make-ups other than applying to younger nieces that are too young to decline my urge to be a wannabe make-up expert? Yes, i worked in one of those make-up stores. I had so much fun working as part-timer at Body Shop near my mom's one time- the experience taught me a few things apart from the fact you it is quite boring and demanding job as salesperson in a beauty shop (and quite expensive) because you have to do the product count of eeverrrything like thrice everyday besides the fact you must always be on your two feet at all times (except during breaks) because you are not allowed to sit and look lazy to customers. LOL! yes those times were tough...but i did learnt a few tricks of the trade , almost like a make-up 101 basics things you should know about during my course of service there.

WOW...lenghty intro. SO what's SAFI RANIA GOLD got to do with me these days? After reading a primary school friends turned famous blogger/photographer a few months back regarding her self-pursue of 'repairing her ugly face' , i decided to stopped being a skeptics to local cosmetics/skincare brand hence the very much 1 hour of contemplation before making the final purchase of the whole set (except SAFI RANIA CREAM a.k.a ala foundation/make-up base) - i omit that one since my intention not to find a make-up range but more of a skincare range as i feel you need to face that healthy face before 'flaunting' with colors or else you'll end up screwing the already 'fugly' state of your face's condition like i did since having a baby.

PLUS, the fact i have becoming more lazy on taking care of myself- especially doing the whole wash-scrub-tone-moisterize-mask beauty regime...i have actually let my face become a 'guinea-pig' to see how bad can it be if you be a lazy arse like i did before the whole face become fully infested with acne..LOL! yes, i was in denial that that can ever be for me, but sorry, it's turning to be a nightmare.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO, in that light and trying to self-motivate myself to a much healthier, fairer (right) and prettier (though i am perfectly aware i could never looked like Rozita Che Wan , the spokesperson for SAFI RANIA GOLD, i am not that shutupid you know) I BOUGHT THEM ALL that costs me almost RM150.....that is some money to spend on a local products. I disagree with anyone who thinks this stuff costs less than most products in the market. I mean don't compare with BioEssence and above kinda range...but you know the Watson, Guardian Pharmacy standards- this stuffs here is prettty darn expensive. I mean it costs like rm17 for 60g washer more expensive than my regular St.Ives of 100g that costs rm16. Not to mention, all the products come in small sizes (not more than 60g) but that is only because you only need a few dabs of that precious concoctions range...according to the salesperson la...(right bitches) LOL!


so malas nk cite lebih aku dengan semangat berkobar2 ala2 sangat inspired nak jadi paling koman berkulit mulus tulus gebu macam Ustazah Norbahya (dia pun duta SAFI jugak! haha) aku terus mencuba benda ini dan bertekad akan merekodkan kulit muka aku yang tak gebu ini setiap hari sehingga selesai waktu (jaminan/saranan SAFI) iaitu 3 minggu sebelum miracle happens!!

Gambar Hari Pertama : Sebelum, nampak..jeragat den ponuh kek muka (sila abaikan muka den yg macam penuh syahdu iteww..) jelas ketara tampaknya..LOL!

****(re-edit post)gmbr2 tidak disiarkan***, hati saya terbentak gumbira, apakah ianya benar satu keajaiban? tiba-tiba rasa macam Rozita Che Wan biarpun hakikat Rozi Cawan pun belum tentu. Ku rasa berrrsssih, halussss je muka.


So itula deh, gaya konsumer pada hari pertama. macam kanak-kanak ribena dapat ...mmm ribena. sukoo , yes makcik sukoo.......

ooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....BUT how my joy was shortlived. Come second day, i wake up with a huuuuge zit right on the edge of my button-nosed and followed by more zits later of the day (after evening shower) - like superrrrrrr duper pimples festival..all around the T-zone area, me cheeks, the chins, uppers lips it's like those zits are coming out in revenge for me dabbing SAFI RANIA GOLD chemical infused on them! seperti jawat-jawat itu berkata "oh kau nak hapuskan kami ye? kami keluar berpesta di atas permukaan muka ekau yang dah tak cantik pun " hameeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, determination still intact (of course lah, dah melayang 150 hengget den!) aku gagahkan jua untuk menenyehhhhhh SAFI RANIA 24 GOLD , katanyaaaaaaaaa, atas muka ku ini....

Gambar Hari Kedua: Sebelum, Acne breakouts! besarrr punya bertenggek kek idung den, namun atas efek pencahayaan ala2 cahaya keimanan, segala bijik jerawat yang sedang bersuka-ria dia kawasan T-zone den, kurang nampak di sini..
.....Selepas, tgk area idung aku yang udah jadik rudolf the red nosed reindeer- seolah-olah selepas regime beautification telah di-polish-kan, emphasize acne2 besar itew..yikes

so itu deh............apo? NOO more fugly pictures of me, just hope these zits will go away as today (1st June) is my husband's birthday, so i want to look decent if not pretty and least of all with humongous red-acne on the nose ! arrrrrrghhh....

ps: i was a St Ives / L'oreal / Gervene loyalist among others but if this SAFI stuffs not gonna do justice with that 150 cash spent- i am apa, so what padan muka aku la i vow from here on if this thing fails and make me look like *^#*(%*(# i will sue! (wahhh kerrrlas kan) sbb yelah nyah takde pun letak disclaimer "kesan produk bergantung kepada kulit masing-masing etc" ke kan..sooo memangglah nk kono pembongak SAFI..(wait, ini semua KALAUUUU tak jadi cun) tapi kan kalau mak mmg tul tul jadi santek berseri lebih debommm, harrrus mak letak kat sini dan war-war secara F.O.C kepada mereka sekian alam ...utk berkalih kepada produk tempatan.

TAPI kan.......kalau tak jadi jugak semua usaha, mak selawat banyak2 sambil sental muka mana tau jadi macam KAK NITA kulit gebu hasil "kak nita selawat banyak-banyak sambil cuci muka!" (sambil pout bibir )...gila kau nak deny kuasa magic selawat! :))

Kisah #2 : Nabil si pencilok idea!

NANTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! aku bukan anti-nabil yo, takkan la den tak suka wareh sendiri..lagi memang den memang suka ado laie kek dak bil soghang ni..tapi kalau salah tetap salah la yo. Last week , being a follower of ML shows, as usuals i only anticipated to watch SEPAH, NABIL and JOZAN's skits.

MALANG eh.............................mmg malang tu tak berbau kan, tapi sangat la malang bagi NABIL buat aku ni yang (antara) cekap 'membau' ketidakaslian karekter yang dibawanya last week- taekwando instructor! yang disebut nabil "taik-kwan-do" .

being an attentive audience and follower to SNL shows (note previous entry about comedian) I could easily sensed Nabil was duplicating Jim Carrey's skit on In Living Colors way back when ...not even 1 minute into his show. I was like..."OMG!" screaming to my husband literally while cursing Nabil in between..."TIRU JIM CARREY SEH!!!!!!!" then my husband asked "ye ke? mana punya?" and i enlightened him about it.

It was soooo irritating for me as one of his fans to see this once MOST POPULAR ARTIST IN MALAYSIA ran out of idea, that he was so desperate to copied someone else's and made it his own and the fact he copied ze JIM CARREY way back when, perhaps he thought was a good move as he might have underestimate 'malaysian audience's exposure' to foreign comics.

AKU yang tegar tak mahu diperbodohkan terus capai hp dan update status kekecewaan aku terhadap Nabil termasuk on ML fans page! i knew thought it would sparked criticism amongst Nabil loyalists, but i did not care as i felt it is my duty to be the first to let them know about this idiotic moved Nabil made and how unmistakenably he have copied the whole original skits from the concepts (taekwando instructor with moustache and all), the gimics, the story right to the scripts! the freaking scripts pun Nabil ceduk seh! tukar bahasa je...humang haih ..hagak hagak la (bak kata kau kan jang?) **puke** hence i have no respect left for this nogorian (sadly) and now just replace my affection to crossing fingers for SEPAH, JAMBU and JOZAN to be in the finals!

AND TO PROVE THE POINT THAT I WAS THE FIRST ONE THAT NOTICED AND INFORMED THE REST AT THAT OFFICIAL PAGE OF ML REGARDING NABIL'S's some pixxes to prove it. hehehe...(mak browse balik sampai sakit tulang pungkok ini punya lah semangat dan yakin saya orang pertama ckp nabil tiru...ive actually spent 2.5 hours hitting the 'older posts' button ...

Gambar 1: Sebagai rujukan yang persembahan Nabil si peniru belum lagi mula ..lihat admin ML post status at 10:44pm

Gambar 2: Rujuk si Nis Adnan komen pasal nabil

Gambar 3: ENTER yours truly punya 10:57pm! dan check-out yang lain masih takde kata apa rujukan kepada jim carrey kecuali AKU! cuma, masa ni aku kata lawak Jim tu dari SNL (terlupa) tapi aku pasti tentang pencurian idea terbabit..! NOTE: masa ni ada seorang umat yg tekan "likes" ..

Gambar 4: AKU post lagi yang status aku buat sebelum tu aku paste balik (masih kesilapan SNL bukan ILC) at 10:53pm

Gambar 5: AKU masih ni dah relax sat sebab aku tgh concentrate shows...dan aku post 11.21pm

Gambar 6: MASA ni aku sudah ingat balik pada marah tadi dan tk puas ati aku search klip Jim di utube sebab aku ada burn dalam cd sebelum ini (6-7 tahun sebelum ni aku da tgk cite jim ni, masa zaman uitm) so aku post link berkenaan tp ada video itu sebab aku pakai android (tak geti guna sebenarnya alasan hehe) (note: masa ni da mula ada yg post cam nabil=jim carrey? etc, mungkin setelah sedar komen aku terdahulu..)

Gambar 7: DAN seperti dijangka, aku kena maki dengan peminat2 immature NABIL sebab aku kata HERO kampung depa peniru hehehe (NOTE: masa ni peminat2 fanatik Nabil da kuar sumpah seranah in defense of NABIL seperti gaya layu taekwando itu..klakar gile)

-------------------- So yeah, i am so relieved i found back the postings that can clearly shows i was the first to notice Nabil such a copycat. and no, i have never done things like this, posting /commenting on official fans page etc, especially ML because i know as i have read the walls that the postings are mostly done by immature fans , often fanatics that likes to have vulgar words to prove their points..

AND click HERE for THE LINK TO THE debated VIDEO that is said was copied by NABIL and widely discussed in the entertainment gossip section

Kisah #3 : Mee Yoke Haram

ALA2 berkisar FB jugak tapi kali ini religious skit (hello mak bukan pasal raja lawak je uols) tetiba aku teringat and post komen kat fan page DR MAZA atau Dr Asri the ex-perlis mufti..since i m such a fan myself (almost, almostttttttt did an exclusive interview with him 2 years back when he is still in london, but was discouraged by my superior because Dr Asri was thought to be too controversial for TV news.. but my emails to him & the way he replied, i am sure he is every bit the kind, humble person everybody said he is , very different than most Muftis in this country that are so afraid to give comments when it comes to what is deemed politically-religious flavoured issues..jaga bontot la masing2 penakut...standard reply depa 'ooh, tak pa la benda ni susah aa nk komen' atau ada sorang mufti tu lagi kelakar, masa aku nk interview boleh dia mintak email soalan2 beserta JAWAPAN! what kind of stupidity is that??? kalau aku tau takde aa aku nak tanya kau mufti ooi...klakar. but of course that interview never took place despite me emailing him the questions (of course without answers).

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO apa aku nk kata ialah , status kehalalan atau keharaman mee yoke /mee udang di gerai pakcik jual mee yoke yang sedap di premis subang ria...

MAKA aku yang selama ni bertahun-tahun sejak akil baligh layaaaaaaan mee yoke kat situ bersama-sama kawan2 kelana jaya, kami memang regular customers la smpai kalau aku mai je uncle tu takyah tanya, aku pun tak perlu bukak mulut order, cukup kerlingan mata manja ku (cewahhh) dia paham "ah amoi ni suka extra udang, extrra cili " sambil arahkan kepada kuli-nya (kakak indon)...

SEHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGALAH satu hari yang hening (drama skit) selepas selesai ritual mencekik mee yoke kat situ seperti biasa (tp masa ni da masuk uitm da degree so dalam 6-7 lepas), aku tanya kat uncle tu...apa resepi dia..sebab memang sumpah, tak sama dengan mana2 sedapnya mee yoke pakcik ni (NOTE: mana-mana merujuk ke premis2 spt di jusco food court etc) so dia pun duduk, dan dgn relax selepas menahan idung kembang kempis dek pujian aku yang melambung pasal mee yoke dia, dia bukak cerita............

jeng jeng jeng...........................

dia kata "resepi nenek saya, mesti pakai tulang oink oink (sambil buat tolak lubang idung cam bab* ) sebab kalau pakai tulang ayam memang tak sama..saya pernah cuba, tak sedap..."

AKU tersentak, nk muntah pun ada...aku tanya "emm tulang babi ke?" sambil muka tahan lekkk je takmo nampak cam islami extremist al-maunah ke nk pi pukui muka selamba dia tu walaupun aku rasa macam tu..maklum la aku kat tempat dia...

dia jawab "ya lorrrrrrrrrr...itu pasai sedap woo" sambil senyum.

aku angguk sambil ckp "ooh patutlah..mmmm mmg sedap" sambil aku pulak senyum , tapi senyum terpaksa. senyum kelat . kawan aku kat sebelah si fariza bashah masih syioook telan lebih kuah mee yoke dalam mangkuk dia tu...

SEJAK ITU, AKU TAK PERNAH MAKAN, JEJAK KAT SUBANG RIA TU walaupun masih ramai member2 seperjuangan mee yoke aku dulu masih lepak situ, sehinggalah 3 minggu lepas aku kembali atas dasar nk berjumpa kawan2 aku mmg tk makan la aku beli sekadar nasi ayam tp makan nasi je dari gerai yang lain di situ yang kebetulan pun gerai mee yoke kontroversi ni tak bukak pun....tidak aku mmg teringin nk jumpa tokeh tu ...

so aku post benda tu kat page Dr maza...alih2 kena bantai ngan sorang ni plak apakah hehehe

apa2la kata kalau timbul was-was jgn pi walau tkde /ade cop jakim halal aku mmg tk pi...and aku harap yang lain (muslim) tk pi jugak, tp kalau ada nk pi jugak, silakan.....wallahualam.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Burying the hatchet?

What does it mean for people who regularly 'revisits' their past? Does it mean that they're backwards lot when life is about moving forward?

What about painful memories? Is it not called "memories" still? A memo - recollection, remembrance, retaining, recalling. Unless a person suffers some sort of mental disorders...then you ought to forgive that person for absence of recollecting his pasts.

There's also another notion that people who can't forget, those refuse to move on are plain haters. Because they can't find in them the strength to 'erase' those painful memories, or a particular black episodes of their life.

Hence, you have the saying of "I can forgive but can't forget".

Of course this ramblings applied for 'painful memories' only. Sure, the happy ones, we would want to cherish for life.

AND then there's a saying of 'Everybody has secrets' usually associated with dark, ugly secrets/memories/experiences or simply just some facts (mostly embarrassing) that being kept private.

Now, 30 years of age - there's just two, TWO things that I've kept "recollecting" every now and then, and the pain just awful. These two things...concerning two persons in this world undoubtedly equating to be the two most hated persons in my life. MOST HATED. These two people have had such significance in my life that the degree of pain caused by them still bear scar though the wound is healed.

Thus, will I ever find peace in my life if I were to forget and let go of the haunting pasts or I should just let it be and take it as self-learning experiences of life (of course I have done so - especially the second case/person) BUT it is the first case that makes me irks so bad, that thanks to digital world I could still learn about thee's whereabouts/life and the 'findings' gave me a brutal slap of reality - that thee seemed happy and moved on (not to mentioned spawned, twice) which is causing me jittery that it's almost hysterical (and sordid too) not to mentioned all 'inspiring' as well enough to make me ramble here.

ALAS, am I really that sordid to keep checking on that poltergeist and got all neurotic when I do? Or am I really the mental one for doing what i am doing? Or less dramatic, am I the hater for not letting go? Whichever the case, I am making it a known fact here about this little 'skeletons' I have in the closet and something inside of me is saying that the poltergeist is doing the same too - checking out yours truly via wired world.

Anyways, you, poltergeist 7369, yeah you. I do know now where you at. Let's just see how long it takes for you to 'hide' yourself in the 'underwired world', cause I know the temptations are too great to resist. You poltergeist the scaredy-cat to opt for hiding. In the mean time keep spawning, confirming the other half of the poltergeist is nothing but that - reproduction machine. With one XX and another XY. Awesome. Don't forget another saying 'what goes around, comes around'. your juniors will pay if not too careful.

Ah, too carried away. This post sure screams me burying the hatchet...NOT, don't I.

Oh and another fact, the other less poltergeist but nonetheless demonic had also 'spawned' I heard. A XX. Now almost 3 years from where I have left, poltergeist #2 still hasn't made a thing it was 'envying' me much to be in those years. Still stucked (sucked) there eyh mate?

*sigh* OK enough of this. Enough catecholamine (that's angry hormone for you) fueled lashing for the day. Have an early start today. Hopefully am able to make it (for the first time) a candidature defense sitting for I'll be up, next week! *gulps*