Thursday, March 22, 2012

Once in a blue moon...update

I don't really want to update this blog, but seeing that the last time i did so was about three months ago, i think this blog deserved the due entry.

BUT me boring life hasn't been much except the standards routine "happenings".

1) as mommy - now that my daughter has finally bounced back and hasn't had any serious flus since December (Alhamdulillah) i guess all that vaccinations worked although her BCG scar is humongous and very ...scary looking (pity her) - apart from that she's back to a pinky state of health...until, a few days back, she started to have weird yellowish discharge (eye boogers) not only each time she sleeps but almost every 4-5 hours but her eyes are neither red nor watery. she would also have these boogers on her eyelashes as such my initial reaction was eye infection of some fungus or bacteria. Did a little reading on the net - and found the closest symptom to hers as an eye infection of fungus like and treatable with antibiotics. Of course, i am no doctor, so we seek the professional and to my relief (and little doubts too) the doctor said my daughter is not suffering from any kind of eye infections but it is her allergy reaction. So no eye drops, no antibiotics - except some allergy syrup to be taken daily for a whole week. Now it has been 6 days, but she stills have those discharge and everytime she wakes up with those wax on the eyes she'll cry cos it's all gooey and she couldn't open her eyes easily. I must say, i am WORRIED. but we'll trust the doctor's opinion however by the end of this week, if her condition persists - we'll take her to her paed at sjmc.

thewholetruth: so there, another bump in my life. one after another. :((

2) academia
Finally i got the much anticipated letter from my dear uni, stating that I have to report duty on 2/7/2012 (by hook or by crook). Now, if only i have finished my theses, that letter would be received with much joy but....since i'm still struggling with the writing - then i received the letter with much anxiety and worried to my stomach imagining the worst case scenarios. (as always i have that tendency to think negatively of all things believing that it'll make me feel better should it turned out good but if it doesn't i won't feel as devastated - that's my rancid philosophy of cooping with life stresses)

Thewholetruth: i am so 'weak' that i've 'given up' so many times since december, again trying to find job to 'replace' this little academia dream - sorta get back to reality cos i know i can't handle the 'pursuit of dreams'. honestly i have only finished filing those blogs i want to look at for writing and now on chapter 4 wanna have it all done before seeing me sv who i believe hates me cos i am such a 'chipsmore cookie- now u see now u dont type'. am sorry sv , i just don't like to bug people knowing well i haven't done a good work to show - another rancid philosophy of mine.

3) baby sis getting married
insyaAllah if all is well my baby sis will get married end of the year. although that would mean 9 months from now, already we're busy with the preparation. cos it the baby sis, the final curtain of weddings for Ab Raman's spawns. Thus, everyone is anticipating it with much excitement - the themes, the venues, the flowers, the dais and the list continues. So last week she got her 'merisik' (proposal by elders) cum 'bertunang' (engagement) held. Very simple - the most simple ever held by any of the siblings and by far from today's lavish show-offs societal standards. it was strictly nucleus family only with 3 of her besties, but she was happy with it and that makes us happy too. all of us were there for her (except eldest sis who conveniently went 'MIA' at the last minute- god knows why, she and her emo self *slaps forehead)

thewholetruth: i wish that this happy occasion will go as planned and hopefully all of us will be there once the date comes in our life, insyaAllah. A happy ending for this year marking new beginnings for years to come, insyaAllah. parents have endured too much sorrows, too much pains - physically and most troubling emotionally. hopefully this year will brings us all in the family a brighter light - sis with her fantastic 5 figures new job, big bro also starting a 5 (or 6?) figures job and own co, baby sis will soon get married and i, come July will start my work though no 5 figures, but it's one of the morally sound job in the world. only time will tell.