Friday, November 4, 2011

Between a comedy show and a screwed up glam-all-went-wrong show

By now i am sure all malaysians that watched last night's dull ASK 2011 performances would be talking about its...dullness. LOL.

and tomorrow's headlines (at least for the said corporation's papers) will gloat on its magical prestigious award show and all the winners..OK nonetheless, i'd still want to congratulate all the winners - like ms yuyu aziz for winning best tv news reporting and of course to the rest of the winners.

Yes, this is a show about appreciating (so-called) those working on/off that glass screen.

However, being so-called a prestigious award show, handled by the so-called prestigious renowned station - last night's ASK 2011 was nothing but a flop.

I think this is where the phrase "action speaks louder than words' comes in handy.

Just look at audiences' faces - all of them was trying their best not to fall asleep or make a poker face - some tried appearing more 'diplomatic' by letting out their 'apologetic small laughs" once in awhile at the equally banal jokes-went-wrong by the hosts.

Ah, the hosts. I don't know. Guess that mr A will get a real hard bashing from now on because from what was written in the paper - it was him that pushed the production team to make his duo - a duo that night.

No doubt mr. A is an excellent compere, renowned, very experienced handling live shows , seasoned staff and if it's not too much, i'm guessing that he's too good of compere that this said station only have him as compere.

Yes in other words they have no options but to feature him on the stage. Crude? Maybe. But here's another of my 2cents - despite all his talents, his nothing but a 're-useable' green bag - convenient, practical you know all that great for savings but lacks in variety. He is so been 'used' too many times, doing too many shows - that people can expect what his 'scripts' would be - all his innuendos, his quirky smiles before a joke - i mean it is so predictable, as if the audiences have grow accustomed to him.

BUT in the end of the day, he is only one man. And although try as he might, he could not salvage all the 'wrongdoings' of that show. He was not the savior. He lost.

Now the other thing that's gonna be talk of the town of how sloppy this show went last night, was the fact of the other host.

YES. so-called malaysian's barbie-doll. OK, yes she is pretty for a 40+ woman. BUT she is wrong from the get-go...where do i even begin...

1) i won't comment about chemistry between the duo - but in terms of visual, the barbie doll already ruined the picture when teaming up with mr. A - for barbie's Mr A is not Ken- short for her.

2) she's not a fluid conversationalist. She was so scripted and it showed.

3) from the make -up, her fake eyelashes, overdone hairdo styled, menopause barbie outfit, overly stiff botox was just a wrong wrong wrong wrong picture her to be there.

I don't know, i could be going on bashing without end about this said show - luckily i used my liberty as a home viewer - i switched the channel to channel 132.

For the first time since the premier week of Maharaja Lawak Mega (MLM) aired on channel 132 - i actually glad to have that option of spending tv time and have actually enjoyed the performances of MLM contestants.

Now, MLM jokes were really jokes at least even it didn't tickle the audiences, there was a clear effort to entertain the audiences - but ASK? the only thing that definitely made the people laughing is how floppy that show is. the joke is on them for once.

PS: and what is up with all the wannabe Oscars dress-up with all the celebs? THIS IS MALAYSIA, YOU (MOST OF THEM) ARE MUSLIM, this ain't Hollywood nor it is an international award. You guys competing with domestically (and most even just between the in-house productions). Pity all the ladies that have to doll-up for the world to see, and pity for all who enjoyed seeing what they see.


Hazrey said...

I hate u for your hate crime against Rozita Che Wan. She has the nicest boobs hokay. Hahahahah

AkaZukii said... sorry but not that sorry cos you're into a forty year old