Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anticipating the Year End

Less than a month to go.

Progress been slowly catching up, i have to sacrifice my sleep for it. Made a "crash writing" schedule. Time is of essence. Time is running out. Time is ....screw it. I do hope for more than 24 hours in a day. I need more time.

My 'coughing' still bothering me. Went for a second visit at the clinic last Monday, even the doctor was baffled as to why my coughs will not go away. He gave me new prescriptions though, including an inhaler for bronchitis/asthma and the bits of 'crystals' that you dilute in a warm water and breathe in the steam.

Good news: my sinus and phlegm seems to be recovering. Less blocked-nose now.
Bad news: 'dry' coughs intensified especially at nights/ while i am lying down, trying to sleep or after i take my showers. And i am coughing so bad, sometimes i almost puke.

The doc said, I'd have to give these new prescriptions a week or so. And if it still persists, he's going to refer me to a specialist.

Life can't be any more dramatic for me now. Talk about challenges. I have never been anymore sleep deprived in my life yet got to be strong and stay committed for school work, play mommy-role and house-wifey. Luckily, I don't need to clean the house - as my hub will take on that part and doing the laundry too. Am not whining, will take it all in, positively Insya-Allah.

For now, just hope that this cough will go away, I can't bear to be this sick too long; too many at stakes now, too many responsibilities to carry. Need a healthy body. All this will end, soon. Oh, and on the brighter note- dad has been discharged last Monday (although it was by his own request). I am not a 100% sure of his health records as of now since prior being released - mom was all worried for his soaring blood pressure readings, also his surgery wound still not fully dried (he's diabetic).

I reckon dad don't want to stay because he wants to do something so urgently that needs him out of the hospital, pronto. Something that he keeps as secret from us all. Just saying it smells 'fishy-fishy- here, it doesn't add up cause he insisted he was enjoying the stay at the hospital. And suddenly, he's out from the ward despite the worrying conditions?

I haven't got the chance to see him yet. I'd usually follow hubs in the morning (if hub's working that is) and I'll visit the parents later after sending off hub to office. BUT if I fail to catch the 'bus' in the morning, I'd usually be left off by hub and that would pretty much discourage me to make a 40++ mins drive accompanied only with my little rascal and her unpredictable mood. So, I'd rather sit it out in this suburban neighborhood of mine where its nearest sign of civilization is KFC. So much of that oily chicken, that it was one of my little rascal's first brands that she can easily associates with! LOL.

OK time's up, back to the world of social political theories and what not - a world when one reads, one might think that one's knowledge of the world been elevated to a new realm yet one will ends up feeling more lost than before to the so-called enlightenment process - cause all the theories, to me- nothing but a scholar's concoction of ideas. Interesting..but debatable.

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