Wednesday, November 2, 2011

new gadget to motivate me

quite a happy human being today.

finally, i got myself an electronic dictionary...although not the brand i was hoping for nor it is a known brands for electronic dictionary - instead it is a malaysian made very cheesy looking (seriously it looks like a toy) BESTA MD221.

now this kind of gadget has always been on my wishlists eversince i got my hands tyring on a casio english-japanese one loaned by dear friend sufi when i was in tokyo for benkyo related. from that point on, i was in love with the practicality of owning an electronic gadget.

especially convenient for someone who is not a walking dictionary like me.

but that was way in 2005. eversince me got back, me always on the look out for reasonably priced gadgets of this kind- but never did find- not only it is quite rare in bookshops (except kinokuniya which you can guess the price range), but the brands available are limited. sold here are only 2 types of casio's series and a few less known brand...until about 2-3 years back the rave was on with electronic dictionaries...of course the promotion was all out for a malaysian brand- BESTA.

anywho, like most malaysian products- the price is about the same with that outstanding brands of its kind (note: casio,samsung,sharp) of course i am naming japanese brands as those outstanding ones as they are the inventors of this gadgets (yes,practically every japanese has one electronic dictionary)
anyway, only now ...after 6 years and during my last postgrad semester have i got myself one, though only BESTA made but the price i paid for its most basic model was a real bargain- rm199 at popular books as opposed to its normal price rm368. and for that price, i got english-bm-english, idioms,phrases,takwim,chinese vocabs,voice pronounciations and a few other interesting knick-knacks. oh only thing a downer for me- it lacks thesaurus and the explainations automatically translated to the other language; so far example when i search for the word iconoclast- it explains in BM- penentang tradisi/pemusnah berhala...pretty extreme wouldn't you say. but it was a real bargain for what it has to i am recommending it. total worth the penny (if it's on sale like mine that is) but if it's not, still great if you're desperate for many features in one - if not,i suggest you get what you need like casios/sharps etc; better quality,better vocabs,reliable for learning :)

for now my BESTA will do. :))


Azley said...

Dlm ipad i ader oxford dictionary. Mmg best. Siap ader contoh ayat...

AkaZukii said...

Hehehe iphone ini lebih pantas, Byk bahasa-cina, jepun,itali,german pun ada..oklah utk student cam iols nih..:)