Saturday, November 5, 2011

Of sore throat and motivation 'killed' by lousy net connections

Since quitting job at that forsaken place, i have been very determine to pull the extra hours to have a miracalous catch-up with me writings only to find that all those time i have the drive to write/research at home - spoilt by the extremely lousy internet connection by streamyx.

It has been 2 weeks since me left that job and i have been 'progressing' nothing more than a few more (relevant) articles retrieved, thanks to a certain soul at me now ex-office.

So was very motivated with that (though i know i must finish at least 3 chapters by now if i ever want a chance to extend my scholarship..but you know i don't even hope for the allowances to be extended - at least, hoping to be given the time to finish (grace periods) for a few more months).

BUT, really ..on/off connections, websites can't be found etc whenever i log on the home pc is total turn-offs! Not to mention, makes me raving mad and literally on the verge of vandalising my own pc (that is only less than 2 years old)

I am mad. I hate it. I hate this place. Now eversince i got married and moved in my hubs home; we have tried from digi (it was horrible, had to literally hold that modem with one hand and hoover it arounds for signal while another hand types), then we got Maxis broadband (the most expensive package - still it was equally disappointing), the we tried Celcom (courtesy of my younger sis - same result!) and now streamyx with so-called 1.0MBps speed.......but it equally sucks, and it sucks big time!

i was a loyal streamyx user during my bachelor years at me mom's place in kelana jaya - we used tm almost 10 years - it was the medium package but due to my parents house's location - we enjoyed full speed with medium price.

Not only that, whenever we had problems with the line, the customer service was prompt in helping us out. BUT here, at this neighbourhood, the disconnections are more than the connections and help both via phone and physical customer care - disappointing.

Not that i am paying for the bills but because i rely so much on internet for my writing ( i am writing about blogs for god's sake!) it is imperative i have the web connections up and running especiall at home now that i am not working and have no maid and my child is diagnosed with bronchopneumonia - means no chance for nurseries etc.

with all that, i can only (most of the time) work from home and this lousy services from streamyx is making my life more misreable than it already is.

Not that hubs can't pay for unifi, thing is unifi is still unavailable at my place ..this this 'jin bertendang' place..arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

till unifi arrives, only then i'll find salvation and definite civilisation in my neighbourhood (note: the only signs of civilisation so far in this place is KFC!)

OH and today's is AidilAdha. what have i sacrificed? I sacrificed my time and energy in preparing for eid's food for everybody to enjoy (hoepfully they'll enjoy and eat it) as this is my first ever attempt at cooking everything by myself (without my mom's watchful eyes that is) so yeah, am proud. At least i have cooked beef rendang, chicken rendang and peanuts sauce by myself, have you? :)

OH, but not too sure if i can enjoy all of 'em as i am having sore throat, caughs - signs of falling sick but me can't - can't fall sick - lotsa work, i have to be healthy for my kid that is in need of extra care because her immune system is very 'vulnerable' now.

PS: logging in via iphone now there goes my phone bills..must log off now as i will soon be a pauper student cant afford iphone nemore LOL. damn it la.

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