Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kerjaya wartawan lebih teruk daripada pemungut sampah?

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Reporter’s job worse than garbage collecting

April 30, 2013
The study has taken into account four parameters - work environment, income, employment outlook and the job stress.
NEW YORK: A news reporter’s job is the worst among all the professions – worse than even that of a lumberjack, dishwasher or garbage collector among others, a new survey has claimed.
The study of 200 professions, conducted by a US-based human resource consultancy CareerCast, has taken into account four parameters – work environment, income, employment outlook and the job stress – and found the job of ‘actuary’ as the best of the all.
It mostly covered jobs in the US and is based on data from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics and other government agencies.
As per the annual survey, the reporter’s job has gone from bad to worse in the past year, as it was ranked fifth worst in the 2012 study.
Also, the software engineer’s job was ranked as the best last year. In this year’s study, newspaper reporter has been ranked last at 200th, below the likes of lumberjack (199), enlisted military personnel (198), actor (197), oil rig worker (196) and dairy farmer (195).
About news reporter’s job, the study said, “…(It) has lost its luster dramatically over the past five years and is expected to plummet even further by 2020.” On the other hand, job of an actuary, who interprets statistics, has topped the list in best jobs category, followed by biomedical engineer, software engineer, audiologist and financial planner. Actuary earns a median income of US$87,650 with few physical demands and minimal stress, it noted. The study said that a reporter earns a median income of US$36,000 per year.
Other careers which are ranked among the lowest are flight attendant (191), photojournalist (188), waiter/waitress (185), broadcaster (184), butcher (183) and maid (181).
The jobs of fashion designer (182), painter (174), photographer (172), author (156) have also ranked lowly in the list. Among others in the top 10 best jobs for 2013 include dental hygienist, occupational therapist, optometrist, physical therapist & computer systems analyst.
- Agencies

been there, done that...though I do agree on all the four parameters - work environment, income, employment outlook and the job stress - are not necessarily better than being, say an engineer or a statistician BUT being a journalist, just like any other career has it advantages, its plus points, its fun - and those elements have kept the journos stay doing what they do best - news writing! yes, the pay is slimy, the work is stressful, involves a whole lot of waiting sometimes out in the rain or under the scorching sun just to get that glimpse of the Ministers or to get their brief response(s) - the sweats feel rewarded once your piece went published/on-air. THUS, those who wants to do journalism should only do it for all the right reasons - passion and the love for journalism and nothing more, and these are the same qualities/reasons subscribed by those media practitioners - they love the job, the adrenaline rush, the sweats, the sun, the rain, the madness, the stress, the cheap salary - all for bringing news to your front door/tv screens/computer's monitors/smartphones' screens. I have done it, I loved it and love it still and if needs to do it all over again, I would, anytime. respects to all fellow journos. keep the journalism spirits alive!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Being consistently inconsistent

Consistently inconsistent is such an oxymoron just as my life is at this moment. These days I drink decaf coffee, unsweetened chocolates, at the living end of my journey as postgrad that is hardly easy, and here I am baring it all as an open secret.

I reckon these past 2 1/2 years being out of "real job" and surviving on (at least until last july 2012) monthly stipends from a scholarship (though was quite a lucrative sum, alhamdulillah) I must say, I have been consistently inconsistently resting on my laurels which resulted to those time wasted (occupied with other matters than studying) finally takes its toll on me - I am fatso.

Unlike most ladies, I actually mean that. You know, that I acknowledge the fact that I am fat and utterly despise anyone who thinks that I am looking for sympathy and hopes to be comforted and assured that I am not fat whenever I say that I am.

Nor do I appreciate such blunt honesty from strangers or person of mere acquaintance to say that I've gained weight or my arse is a size of a jumbo jet. No sir, I don't condone that total act of contemptuous rudeness. As a result, I've never reciprocate such vile things to others, knowing well it'll irks them as it would for me.

Of course, the only exception is when you know me well or in you're within that circle of trust - your frankness to remark about my body mass is tolerable. Point is, am gaining weight more than I should which I am fully aware of and I ain't going to be pretentious about it. I own these cheese under the skins.

However, having all these cheese culminates in cardiac arrest. I know heavy people are usually those lack in physical fitness that could result to health deteriorations. Never thought I'd have that problems. Apparently, I was wrong, quite wrong.

Into the sun
Last Thursday, while relaxing in front of the tele, hands scrolling down my FB feeds, suddenly, just suddenly, without warning, I got heart palpitations. My heart was beating really fast, unlike the usual palpitation attacks that only lasted less than 5 minutes - this one was longer, painful, almost suffocating, trembling, and shivering. I honestly thought, "Oh God! This can't be heart attack, can it?" I watched helplessly my daughter who was oblivious of my episodes and worries of the ugly consequences that might follow should this in fact turn out to be, ugly heart attacks or any kind of 'attacks'. After trying to remain calm and breath slowly, the pain does not subside, I decided to grab the keys and make the run for CLINIC!

Drama, drama, drama. While behind the wheels, with my daughter on my side constantly asking "Are you feeling better Mommy?"(yes she actually said that in English), I started to think what if I couldn't make it in time and something really bad happen to me? That scares the shit out of me. Na'uzubillah. Finally what seems to be a short, 5 minutes drive, feels the longest 5 minutes of my life. I parked the car and got out quickly while grabbing the hand of my very well behaved (amazingly) and concerned daughter.

While waiting, I tried to remain calm. And just before the doctor's door opened, that scary palpitations STOPPED! Relief but then I felt "Oh good god. Now the doc would prolly thinks this is all fake". The consultation with Dr. Norazlina was good and she was genuinely concerned with me - however as this was only a standard clinic, no stress test was given to determine whether it was a heart attack. She did however assessed that I might have thyroid instead.

NOW, thyroid? Isn't as fancy as heart attack - but I argued with her how can that be as I don't have any swelling under the chin, no enlargement around the neck, no menstrual irregularities. In lieu I questioned her diagnosis "you sure it was nothing to do with heart attacks? As I felt pretty much like that". She checked me again "yes, your heart does beat fast..slightly above 100". Ah, a tachycardia, I told myself. Perhaps able to see to read my face that goes 'hah told you so' - she retorted "I'd still think it's thyroid nonetheless I suggest you take a blood test". Ah, come on doc, can't admit that you're wrong, can you. I hesitated at that and finally after a few chats on what triggers these attacks and the possibility of thyroid - I took my leave. Quite disappointed in honesty.

Naturally, I don't go to her the next day for that blood test. I am being recalcitrant.

I don't believe her. I don't have any thyroid symptoms but I do have a long history of heart palpitations and family history of heart failures/ heart problems. My 36 years old sister have "undecided heart problems" after going through vigorous heart-related medical tests. My mom has had bypass surgery and have heart problems. I noticed one thing very striking of me is that I get easily surprised and my heart will beat faster. Everything that I suffered on that Thursday evening was signs of heart problems - shortness of breath, choke, heavy chest, sweating, dizziness and that the doc said it's thyroid? What ignorance.

Smile even when your heart's crying
One thing for sure, I ain't getting any younger so might as well get healthier. I realised there's just too much to live for, and Na'uzubillah, I don't want to suffer from any attacks-oxygen-deprived and left in a veggie state till my last day. I want to see my daughter grow and possibly have another kid. I want to come out from this mess and stopped being consistent inconsistently avoiding my studies and summons the inner energy and strength to fight this battle of what we call life's struggles.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Tomorrow Is My Turn (InsyaAllah...)

Though some may reach for the stars
Others will end behind bars
What the future has in store no one ever knows before
Yet we would all like the right to find the key to success
That elusive ray of light that will lead to happiness

Tomorrow is my turn
No more doubts no more fears
Tomorrow is my turn
When my luck is returning
All these years I've been learning to save fingers from burning
Tomorrow is my turn
No more doubts no more fears
Tomorrow is my turn to receive without giving 
Make life worth living
Now it's my life I'm living
My only concern for tomorrow is my turn

Now the summer is gone, there's another to come
You can't stop years from drifting by even if you want to try
Though time may help you forget all that has happened before
But honey it's too late to regret what is gone will be no more

Tomorrow is my turn
When my luck is returning
All these years I've been learning to save fingers from burning
Tomorrow is my turn
No more doubts no more fears
Tomorrow is my turn to receive without giving 
Make life worth living
Now it's my life I'm living
My only concern for tomorrow is my turn

When will it be my turn, will it be tomorrow? will tomorrow brings glow, or will it lead to sorrow. I'd like to sow more happiness, to reap even better sweetness. To stop lingering to the pasts and grieving, for what could has been. To look to the future, be a mover. Tomorrow, will it be my turn?

Of course Nina Simone's song is a version of an original French masterpiece , by Charles Aznavour (L'amour Cest Comme Un Jour) that he later recorded with Sting in English entitle "Love Is New Everyday" (inserted below).

While the original versions (both in French and English) were beautifully written, my personal fav and the only fav tunes at this moment in my life is that of Nina's version - her lyrics are somewhat different though she keeps the melody, but must say her version conjures up the feelings I have inside and speaks that of my inner fears and hopes and reasons. Yes, I am a sappy person with a taste of old flavas - I like the classics, I like the pasts, I enjoy the black & whites, grainy films . Man how I was born in a different era. :)