Monday, November 7, 2011

Biting My Own Words

Ok Dalam bahasa Melayu kiranya, terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata?? Agak buruk padahnya.

#Terlajak kata 1 aka regrets #1

Besta MD221 electronic dictionary: see post

OK so i wrote and praising the jolly-goodness of how it is to have a besta electronic dictionary. Now a few days later, I'm retracting whatever i may praised about the product. It ain't living up to my expectations and most importantly needs as a postgrad student. It lacks explanations and vocabulary needing to be a postgrad student's standard. But who was i kidding? From the packaging i knew it was meant for school children (note: a picture of a school kid smiling ear to ear with the gadget, don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out, no?)

So, i would like to sell it to those in need. Bought at discounted price of RM199 (NP: RM368), and am selling it now at an open price of RM179? (come on, it still practically a brand new stuff with 1 year warranty, no scratch, batt still at its optimum) :) really would recommend for school kids.

#2 Terlajak kata 2 aka regrets #2

Shoes! Ever since i sprained my ankle whilst eagerly strolling for a Jusco's members sale day as a heavily pregnant woman (was 8 months pregnant) ; gone were the days of me strutting with 2.5-5 inches of stilettos, wedges. Also, that injury caused me an 'upgrade' of shoe brands. No more cheap stuffs (yet adorable) brands that goes on sales like everyday. From that day on, I could only find comfort with brands like Hush Puppies ( in fact i was a puppies' loyalist since)

However, most of the shoes that i bought even puppies one, i could only wear 'em for a few months, some just a few weeks. Most of the time, i can't seem to work my way out with the shoes - often it 'kills' my chubby toes that was in fact getting chubbier than it ever been. As such, the shoes some even 1 week old - often given away (with a heavy heart though lol)

So, i would mostly wear a slippers - flat and extremely comfy although it will make me looks sloppy and very informal for office wears etc. And not to mention, exposed my ugly chubby toes for the world to see. (note: me toes's ugliness largely attributed to those wrong shoes i wore since my ankle mishap in 2008)

AND so the search for the 'best shoes' were on and still is.

UNTIL just few months back - i thought well since 2008 my feet has been put 'off-duty' for stilettos and the likes - so, maybe, maybe it is healed. Hence, for Eid, i bought a 3 inch pumps from Charles & Keith ; a brand quite moderately more expensive than say Vincci etc. Everything starts from RM100. So this pumps i had was priced RM159 - OK for me within my price range of my affordable shoes lists.

BUT that too only had me wearing for less than a week and i surrender , left it in the trunk ever since Eid. WHY? that shoes bit me toes to pieces! LOL.

Determination intact - i still search for that one true shoes that would fit me (ala cinderalla fairy tales pula kan? lol)

YES, and just like in fairy tales - i bought a slightly expensive shoes (according to my price range of what constitutes 'expensive') a Clarks.

Just like a love story - i found a shoes that fit me, comfy and friendly to my toes. Price was RM310. No discounts (Clarks never had any sales - only 'bestbuys' to finish their stocks)

Despite the price and against my histories of 'disappointments' with shoes - i bought it.

-------------------------------------RESULT: am still frustrated, am giving up the 'faith' for my Clarks Mary Jane styled shoes because it made my toes beyond ugliness especially both sides of my fifth, smallest toes! The shoes brutally whacked it beyond its normal state. *Sobs*

NOW it looks like as if it has gangrene - slowly 'dying' on me.

Oh, good shoes, the perfect shoes, the most comfy shoes, how do i find thee? NEED intervention or else i am left with no choice but sloppy slippers.

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