Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Melayu oh Melayu , Bangkitlah Bangsaku.

In the spirit of UMNO 2011 General Assemblies (PAU2011), I can't help but to be drawn in by all the issues raised throughout the assembly thus far. BUT I find it quite baffling as this one last 100% Malay party's delegates and top guns keep lashing out at the opposition and focusing too much on how-to-win-the-next-general-elections, but lacking in real ideas to uplift, uproar the Malays spirits that's fast weakening, finding ways to UNITE us back in the spirit of oneness.

I have respect for DS Shahrizat. I think she is such a good person with great personality. And during my very short 4 years being a journo, most of times I covered stories on her - so I had the privilege of knowing her enough to know her personality that is a humble, motherly, approachable - befitting of a politician.

BUT her speech in the PAU2011, I find it to be quite.....an emotional wrecked. Infused with such hatred to slam back at the oppositions. No doubt she's hurt with all the recent NFC scandal and cow condo fiasco - but I just thought she should have not made that stage as a bashing center. And what is up with all the screaming? Where is the modest, decent lots of wanita UMNO have gone to?

NO, don't get me wrong. I am all UMNO. I've had long tradition with it, as long as I can remember (wrote about this once). BUT somehow this past of late, UMNO seems to be losing its focus. Losing its grip. Losing its........aura? I don't know, not that I am implying the opposition is all stronger. They are not. Well at least for DAP. Why? Cause the Chinese are all united.

Yes UNITED. that is the key. How can we attain that? The next GE is no doubt in TS Muhyiddin's words: Mother of all General Elections. The determinants of Malay survival. Yes Malay. Oh, no I can't be saying such things can I, I'd be called a racist.

BUT who are the real kiasu lots. As I've written before about my version of racist encounters with the Chinese, of how it is difficult for me to find a no-brainier job like a salesperson (for filling my semester break only mind you, heck I have SPM too) at Sunway Pyramid because of the 'oh-so-not-racist-ads' these operators put up that goes "Chinese Only - Inquiry within" or "Chinese Female Only", and some i reckon means the same thing but written in Chinese. Heck, I am still in Malaysia am I not? And what is up with preferring Chinese only worker at a shopping mall that is not selling things all-Chinese? In a shop of international brands like Esprit, Guess, or even clothing line like Padini (just to name a few). BUT hey, they are not RACIST OK.

Then, there's the usual frustrating, deeply annoying encounters with these kiasu lots. When scouting for a parking space at shopping malls. As you know, most of the malls are swamped by these race especially One Utama. Man, try going there on weekends and you'll see what I mean. Sometimes I wonder if I am in Taiwan or HongKong. It is just seas of Chinese!

And no, they are not RACIST when say, you're trying a find a spot for parking, then you see a couple of Chinese walking about - you'd assumed they are on their way out - hence, you drive up to them slowly and kindly ask "Excuse me, where's your car?" or even referring them to boss "Boss, mana kereta?" BUT in 10 encounters I've had with these people, 9 encounters would just IGNORED me and even worse IGNORED with a DISGUSTED, ought to be SLAPPED face and there was one encounter the bunch replied although in a banal answer "Sulah ada orang lah!" - and to this, husband and I were puzzled (at first) since we were sure we were the only one tagging them - then we made a u-turn and surprised to see there was indeed another car waiting for the space, but wait....the occupants of that car was all Chinese! and this bunch were happily and all friendly chatting while the husband load up up the truck - sure they converse in Chinese. Ah, but wait, THEY ARE NOT RACIST for saving up parking space for another Chinese.

This incident may mean nothing, but surely one can only imagine if these kiasu lot are controlling EVERRRRYTHING. They can't be nice even once a Malay asks for simple question like 'where is your car, we'd like to park there after you exit' - they ignore us, shrugs off in annoyance - do you honestly think there will be place for Malays once they are in power???? And this disgrace was done to us with us not driving too shabby cars, mind you. Wonder how they'll react if we drive in kopak-kapik, destitute state condition car- they probably spit at us!

Nay, people. BUT wait, I'd be called racist, chauvinist, ultra-Malays for this. I am sad, because we, Malays never done that to them. At least I know whenever I am their situation (note: in mall trying to park the car) I'd happily answer them if they ask me the same question, regardless of race! BUT, these Chinese not giving back the same gestures. Yet, we're still the ones called racist!

Enough said - for you Malays who thinks it's better to be in the opposition camp - be it PKR,PAS, or DAP - please think again. Oh man, PAS that's a whole other issue. No doubt under their rule is all about enlightenment for religious matters - like in my constituency - sungai buloh - wow, very...PAS-like - modest, laid-back...too laid-back KFC's our only signs of civilizations and the only supermarket (own by a Chinese - DAP for sure) doesn't serve fresh, good quality produce.

Ending this, I reproduce something a fellow blogger site (ah darn it, I've exited his page..can't remember who it was)


Melayu dikhianati?

Hati Awang semakin hari semakin ditoreh-toreh oleh tuntutan pelbagai pihak bukan Melayu yang bersikap terlalu rasis selepas Pilihan Raya Umum ke-12. Kita boleh tafsir apa sebabnya. Awang tidak mahu mengulas panjang kali ini, cukup sekadar disiarkan semula petikan kenyataan seorang pemimpin MCA, Tun Tan Siew Sin pada 30 April 1969 (dipetik daripada buku Khalid Awang Osman dan pernah diulas Ridhuan Tee Abdullah) untuk renungan kita semua.

''Orang Melayu menerusi UMNO bermurah hati melonggarkan syarat-syarat dalam undang-undang negara ini sehinggakan dalam masa 12 bulan selepas kemerdekaan, 90 peratus penduduk bukan Melayu menjadi warganegara. Ini berbeza dengan keadaan sebelum merdeka di mana 90 peratus daripada mereka masih tidak diiktiraf sebagai rakyat Tanah Melayu walaupun hampir 100 tahun hidup di bawah pemerintahan penjajah. Sebagai membalas kemurahan hati orang Melayu, MCA dan MIC bersetuju meneruskan dasar memelihara dan menghormati kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu dan dalam masa yang sama mempertahankan kepentingan-kepentingan sah kaum lain''.

Sebelum itu, seorang pemimpin MIC Tun V.T Sambanthan pada 1 Jun 1965 pernah berkata:

''Pada tahun 1955 kita telah memenangi pilihan raya dengan majoriti yang tinggi, selanjutnya mendapat kemerdekaan dalam masa dua tahun kemudian. Dalam jangka masa itu, kita terpaksa berbincang dan menangani pelbagai perkara termasuk soal kewarganegaraan. Persoalannya di sini, apakah yang dilakukan oleh orang Melayu memandangkan kita bercakap menyentuh perkauman?

Apakah yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu? Mereka mempunyai 88 peratus daripada pengundi menyokong mereka. Apakah yang mereka putuskan mengenai isu kewarganegaraan? ''Jika kita lihat di serata negara Asia dan Asia Timur, kita akan mendapati kaum India tidak akan diterima di Ceylon dan juga tidak diterima di Burma. Sama halnya dengan kaum Cina, mereka tidak diterima di Thailand, Vietnam, Kemboja dan di negara-negara lain. Apakah bantuan berhubung kewarganegaraan yang mereka peroleh di semua wilayah tersebut? "Di Burma, seperti yang kita semua sedia maklum, kaum India telah diusir keluar, di Ceylon mereka tidak diberikan taraf warganegara seperti juga di Burma. Saya tahu dan anda juga tahu. Apa yang sedang berlaku di Malaya? Di sini kita mendapati pemimpin Melayu berkata, ''Kita akan menerima mereka sebagai saudara, kita akan berikan mereka sepenuh peluang untuk meneruskan kehidupan di negara ini, kita akan beri mereka peluang untuk menjadi warganegara''.
Seterusnya pada tahun 1957, dengan tidak mengambil kira kebolehan berbahasa (Melayu) ribuan orang India, Cina dan Ceylon menjadi warganegara. Seperti yang saya nyatakan, saya amat bernasib baik kerana dilahirkan di negara ini. Di manakah anda boleh berjumpa bangsa yang lebih prihatin, bersopan-santun dan tertib selain daripada bangsa Melayu. Di manakah anda boleh mendapat layanan politik yang baik untuk kaum pendatang? Di manakah dalam sejarah dunia? Saya bertanya kepada anda. Ini adalah fakta. Siapakah anda untuk menjaga keselamatan kami? Saya adalah kalangan 10 peratus kaum minoriti di sini. Tetapi saya amat gembira di sini.''
Persoalannya, kini apakah pengorbanan Melayu dikhianati oleh kaum lain?

-Awang Selamat-

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