Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tsukaretta Desu.

Neglecting my blog again with any new updates.

It has got to that point when even any mere scribbling for the sole purpose of updating posts, is akin to labour intensive task for me - real demanding of time and energy, both of which I am deprived lately.

Am I complaining? God no (and knows).


Truth is, am just so beat ever since embarking that journey since August. It is really demanding, as it is totally a 180 degrees shift of what I am familiar with or good at.

Heck, I don't feel am good at this new journey...

So dear diary (and me modest visitors - though occasionally), I just have this to share:

1) Reckon that academia journey will be seeing more halts and delays, as the my sv's existence to me has been reduced to past tense. The sv is now a Was my sv. So, in early September, I was forced to scout for a new sv. After many headaches, begging and just relentless efforts of appearing sordid in the faculty; one kind soul willing to accommodate. Bless thee indeed. And, good thing, thee did not ask for any major revamps on me piece; except trimming them and amending my citations style to Chicago rather than APA. Seems petty and easy-peasy? Not quite. Citations, and other technicalities can be so, demanding the same way any amendments on content would. Anyway, the morale : Ganbarre ne Aisha chan! Yosh! 

2) Due to my inadequacies in these new areas of Public Relations/ Marketing aka the mediator- making me restless and a caducus morbus prone, delirus self-induced amongst others (read: drama queen alert). OK less dramatic, these uncharted waters for me did have an effect - total anxiety, and caused me recent altus-sanguinis pressionem. The culprit, non-other than me lack of confidence and perhaps desire to carry out the task as that said locum.

Alas, no glory is easily attained. Road to success if often treacherous, as they say; yet one has to embraced it, no matter what. Believing the rewards at the end, would surpass any sweetness one can imagine. I want that sweetness! For now, am just plain tsukaretta (japanese for tired) and so I'll take a rest and smell the roses (or count me blessings too) in between popping my high-blood pressure deterrent- prescribed pills, hoping the readings won't get any higher than "Mild" zone of 150/85! 

yosh! happy thoughts. March on. Bring the game. Life can be pain. Oh well...:)

ps: in efforts to reduce-stress, i have enrolled in Mandarin class at my uni, twice a week for 12 weeks! Only vocab I learnt? Ni, de, women (not plural for woman ok) and never-ending revision by my laoshi (teacher) of the difficult though melodic pronunciation of Pinyin. Let me tell ya, 学习普通话很难.