Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And we're off to never-never land....

I am in no way would claim myself as a heavy metal fan, not even metal. BUT I appreciate any rock n roll songs. and any songs for that matter.

Nor would I consider myself as a Metallica die-hard fans.

BUT I am a fan. I do know more than just 'Enter Sandman' song and I can name all the members of the band. I know one of the them died in a bus crash and that James' alcoholic problem almost brought down the band somewhere in the late 80s.

Though I don't have all of their albums in my collection, I've had bought a few..the first album of theirs that I bought with my own pocket-money (savings from my school pocket money) was 'LOAD'. I remember I bought that album (a cassette) with its "fire-flame" cover, and 'Ain't My Bitch' the first track. I was at my tender years of innocent 11 years old then!!  I played 'Load' constantly, back-to-back with my (elder sister's) Sony walkman and thought "this is some awesome album"...

AND most interesting thing I remember about 'LOAD' was that I introduced the album (and band) to a friend, who was a daughter to an 'ustaz' (a religious Islamic teacher to a priest for a Christian). Of course, this is METALLICA album we're talking, and she being a daughter to a religious man and was herself (and I think still is) very religious and pious...would never have bought the album. YET I introduced the album to her (of course can't be naming her) and even loaned her the cassette for her enjoyment.

THE BEST THING, after a week...upon returning the cassette, SHE IS A "CONVERT" ...a convert to Metallica at least, not only she enjoyed it she asked me to get her one too (and would pay later). Read: I can be a bad influence too. :D

ANYWAY, I never bought her the cassette. BUT I did buy more Metallica album after that - 'RELOAD', 'ST. ANGER', and 'S&M' (well the symphony Metallica concert, not really an album).

OF COURSE my interest over Metallica don't come by myself nor did any of peer-pressure thing (was in an all-girls high school and boy band was the most hip thing!). BUT it all came from my two elder brothers...growing up, I would sneak into their bedroom, and go over their stuffs! And yes, cassettes too. I listened to bunch of what would be considered now "legendary" - the likes of Jamal or Search, Wings  (my favourites too) and even Black Sabbath, Led Zappelin. INCLUDING Metallica. They had the 'Black' album - the best album ever. AND I was hooked on the 'Unforgiven' and 'Enter Sandman'. My exposure to Metallica was as early as 7 years old!

I remember my brothers had this one VHS tape on their concert - 'LIVE SHIT: BINGE AND PURGE' and that was the first time I "saw" them perform. Yes, am a rock chick at heart. Of course my favourite was Kirk Hammett. Not only he was awesome guitarist he is also the cutest (in my opinion). haha. I am always fond of the Latin-look more than straight up Caucasian with blue eyes and blonde hair. THOUGH James' voice is the reason I am hooked to their songs.

THEN somewhere between 10 years old and hitting puberty...along came hip-hop/boy band/pop culture. KRU was one (locally), NKOTB was the other (internationally) and BSB too. My choices of music, widens from then on...

ANYWAY, like any fans, when Metallica announced they would have a concert here, I was excited too. BUT was well aware that I could never go. Simply because there's no way I could ask my hubby to fork out hundreds (at least 400 for a decent seating) for the tix. I did ask him anyway, told him that he brought me to concerts before, and now am craving to catch Metallica live! He dismissed that immediately saying it would be better to splurge those cash on a new stroller for our new baby (insyaAllah).

HOWEVER the table's turned. who knew there would be a contest that would give away free tickets to Metallica concert, not in KL but in SINGAPORE and all expenses paid! I grab the chance, entered like a mad woman, cracked my head to write different, catchy slogan with each entry and....I WON! well technically my husband won as I entered his name as oppose to mine. BUT I DID all the greasy work. and so when we won, he had no way of saying no to me. He just had to allow me to go and accompany me as well (of course).

We'll be staying in a four stars Hotel Royal@Queens. And this would be my first ever Metallica concert, first concert in a foreign land and first visit to Singapore, land of Lee Kuan Yew. LOLS!

BUT am still concern as am 16 weeks pregnant, hopefully the journey won't tire me that much.
There is hope. This shall be forever "memory remains". Yey yey yey!

Ps: at this time and hour, am still contemplating whether to proceed with the's gonna be far, it's gonna be packed at Changi (bigger than Merdeka Stadium overseeing the sea)...and i presume the crowds are gonna be wilder!!!