Wednesday, November 30, 2011

O Divine Intervention, I seek Thee.


OK taking a break from writing the never ending thesis.

I know I really ought to see my Madam Supervisor. BUT, my work-in-progress still bunch of mess, like an unsolved jigsaw puzzles; messy, perplexing, head-spinning.

How could I ever come in and let her see that kind of work. Need to have more before I dare show my face.

Latest news: all other peeps on UiTM TPM scheme, who is studying in UiTM got another 6 months of extension. Great....for them. To top it off, they don't need to do any thesis anymore now that the system has been changed. Double awesomeness.......for them.

I desperately need a divine intervention. If not, 'humanitarian intervention' will suffice.

Today's the first day we send Hana to my mom's without me being there. I intentionally stayed home and trying my best to concentrate with work without Hana- to focus more.

Surprisingly, the quietness of the house without my little rascal is..........weird. I don't need to scream every now and then to her - i actually missed her 'bugging' and 'cuddling' with me.

However, I know this me-time is crucial for me. And I am thankful hub is very understanding on this. (although many times I felt differently as i thought he wasn't supportive enough...but I am wrong. Thanks sayang)

Man, whoever thought writing a dissertation that carries a massive 40 credit hours, with less than 200 pages in translation could be so DIFFICULT.

Writing academically is....DIFFICULT. Blogging is nothing. Hence the constant updates, to pour out once awhile. Taking a breather.

AND doing it all with a little rascal, NOT EASY. And I'd slapped the face of whoever that dares to say the opposite. Come on, if you ain't living it, going through it- don't have the audacity to tell me that it is a ride to do MA with a kid. Except for a few mothers with MA or PhD that had done it all by themselves (excluding those who stayed at their moms etc. i mean they got first class help with that! or the ones who have their spouse/maid to help with the kid..that is also not counted as doing it by themselves, embracing the challenges of being a student mommy)...

I have yet to know anyone personally. Except maybe for a few friends that is studying abroad. Sure they are away from their families, but they still have their spouse who took care 100% of the household chores - so she/he can focus solely on the studies. Still that doesn't count! So apart from me, I am a solo fighter. And I've still got lots to prove, not to anyone but me.

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