Thursday, December 1, 2011

Temporal happiness or absolute happiness?

So what choice would it be for you: temporal happiness or absolute? No doubt many would answer- absolute! Who'd wants anything temporary? No one likes temporary position- be it anything. For temporal being losses out the sense of security. Something we humans can't live without.

Don't believe me? In finding job, we surely don't fancy anything temporary status- the possibility of you being terminated is high. Now, securing a permanent position, secures you a place, the certainty that you belong to the place.

In seeking love, absolutely wanting that special person returning the lasting, absolute love for you, hence marriage often seal the deal, security that that one person won't leave you and easily find him/herself out of love.

When speaking truth, people trust more with absolute truth than half-truths (eh, wait...that equates to lie is it not?)

OK. It's 7:18 am. I haven't slept since morning and i been working for hours in front of my pc, often hitting the backspace button when trying to write something regarding my school work. I need vocab boost, i need absolute intellegence? OK am rambling too much.

Wrote a piece about can we live our life without Facebook. Actually, wrote that out of my sister's request for, can't say. Spent quite some time and took me some real effort- i think i wrote not too shabby piece. Nothing academic, just ordinary, columnist like writing.

Hence, the rambling - am stress but not too stress for blogging this. Found out Rara Zikri, a 23 year old beauty lim kok wing student that made headlines a little while ago because she got diagnosed with respitory problem that's depriving her brain with oxygen supply. She initially just feel ill, had an asthma attack one unfortunate day while briskly walking in a park- turned blued, admitted to hospital then fell into a coma for 2 months and when she woke up- only to be in a veggied state, paralysed...can't speak, limbs stiffs. And now she is gone. It is a sad story, and a good lessons for us that life can be too short, and taken away in a moment. Imagine you were just laughing away with friends, enjoying your day and suddenly...collapsed & fell ill and disabled. This Rara Zikri is such a beautiful, sweet looking girl. Really beautiful and just in a split moment that beauty was taken away by Allah. She had to endured pains that only we can imagined before she was taken away forever from this world. And to know that she's the cousin of my ex-classmate, makes it even sadder, i cannot ever imagine the grief her family is going through. May Allah bless her soul and found her absolute happiness that is jannah.ameen.

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