Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kullun Nafsin Za Ikatul Maut

A sad day.

I lost a dear friend, ,a classmate...even sadder I only know about this devastating news after 2 weeks of her death.

Al-Fatihah to *Siti Dalilah Ramli (1973-2011). She was an ex-Astro, ex-NTV7 staff and my ex-MSDS UM classmate of 2010/2011.

She was a private person, very lone ranger type - rarely mingles but had one big heart. She was ever helpful. Thing was, prior upon knowing this news (or rather outdated news) I kept thinking about her, the thought of calling her, checking on her was so strong i woke up several times in the past few weeks to the thoughts of her - i was meaning to call her so bad, but i never did. and now how i regretted not doing that.

It is said she died of cancer, but of what kind - we were never told. I tried calling her cell, but it is already disconnected. None of us (the classmates) knew about her death, and apparently only one guy who had smsed her earlier this semester (around july) told me that the last time he chatted with Dalilah via sms, she told him she was sick, she was really really sick and couldn't answer any calls. But El (the guy who chatted with her) never said anything...not until today.

I personally am devastated. Even though i knew her way before we were classmates (when working in the field, she was a reporter too)i was never close with her and rarely talk with her until we were in our second semester, i've got preetty close with her. We studied together, we exchanged notes, we went to library, but most importantly in what seems to be one of her last few months - she has helped me A LOT on my thesis proposal.

For someone whom i never really was close with - i was really moved when she offered to help me with my studies...there i was struggling about my studies, and she came to the rescue, of all people i knew ...and yes, she really helped me. went through the troubles of going to the library during our semester break to see me, to discussed with me, to brainstormed with me about my work! she didn't have to do that, but she did. and she did wholeheartedly. I was overwhelmed, i was really grateful for that and vowed to her if she needed anything for her work - i'll be there to help.

But, I'll never get that privilege. For now she is gone, too soon...from us. She was kind...really kind.

Seriously without her pushing me for that proposal, i would had never finished it, would never had the idea to do what i am doing right now - coming from the same 'field of work' before - we exchanged ideas easily about what we aimed to do that was in relation to our working experiences. She and I even spoke several times about getting back to the field but as freelancer, and she was ever helpful to let me know if there is any opening anywhere and so was i - but that never took place.

In addition, what is even weirder - this is my third time having 'lost' a friend that i've been thinking about so strongly before finding out their death - the first was, Allahyarham Eddy Adika (i wrote about him before) and then there was Allahyarhamah Nor or Kak Nor of TV3 News whom was so dear to me as i was always chatting with her every time i made the visit to the 'injest' room at tv3 news - so much so, she was kind enough to buy me my favorite Muar coffee every time she comes back from her hometown. All of them died of cancer, yet Dalilah's death was the most shocking one - cause she never showed any symptom. She was as healthy as we know her to be since day one - yes, she talks very slowly but that's just because she was one of those soft-spoken kind. There was nothing unusual about her..at least to our naked eyes.

But now that this happened, I could not helped but to reminisced the times she and I were studying together and that was in end of May/early June-i remembered we were crazily thinking about the titles of what my thesis going to be...from the 'normal' one to the 'ambitious' one - and I said to her how much i really appreciate her helping me, truly am thankful and said i would do everything i could to return the favor once she needed that help with thesis, she said "Oh, I don't know Aishah, maybe I won't be able to do it" i mean it struck me as odd, but i never knew what she meant really so i asked her why and she said because she was old. Looking back, who knew maybe she was already falling ill and i was the foolish one to have not seen that coming. That was in May/June and from El's account he smsed Dalilah in July (im guessing) because that was the start of the new semester when Dalilah was supposed to registered for her other 2 subjects. So in between that, it was pretty quick, how her health deteriorated just like that...she must have been having stage four cancer or some really serious cancer because when i saw her she was just fine - and then................

Oh, Dalilah. May you rest in peace, May ALLAH bless your soul, and you be in the everlasting Jannah - happy and free from all diseases - you were a good friend, was really good friend and i am forever indebted to you for helping me out with my proposal, with my studies - forgive me for not being a good friend for i never called you to check on you although every muscles in me ached to do so - but never did, and now it is too late. Al-Fatihah Siti Dalilah Ramli :'(

*correction: I had mistakenly wrote her name as Dalilah Abdul Ghani (according to my hub that is), turned out that was wrong. Am sorry. More about Dalilah in the following links:

Media run Sydney

Help for cancer

PS: thank you to one of the visitor here, she was the one who had pointed out the links.


eimai.sitizulaika.CEO.Vassilias.Vassilisa said...

RIP to this friendly lady. I believe that she is happy in Paradise right now :)

AkaZukii ChaCha said...

oh siti...hello.
amin ya rabb...she was a good person...brings me tears every time i think about her...her passing was too sudden and shocking too...i still can't believe she's gone...we were just meeting up and discussing about work during the semester break...she has helped me a lot...am devastated that i couldn't even said "goodbye" to her...don't even know where her grave is...:( so sad.

Kawaljit Sandhu said...

Hi, I just read your post. I know a woman named Siti Dahlila Ramli, who used to work for astro. If you look at the link below, can you please confirm if you are talking about the same person I know? http://thestar.com.my/metro/story.asp?file=/2007/9/21/central/18948744&sec=central

I've lost touch with her and myself and other friends are looking for her.

I would appreciate it most if you could confirm if it is the same person.

Kawaljit Sandhu said...

Hi again, We got in touch with her husband. I'm shocked. I'm speechless...

AkaZukii ChaCha said...

hi Kawaljit Sandhu,

First of all, thanks for the visit and pointing out that we might be talking abt the same dear dalilah here.

Secondly, am terribly sorry for the gross mistake on her name (my hub who was her ex-colleague was sure that that was the name) and thank you for sharing the links.

Thirdly, sorry for the late reply, I was not aware of your comment.

Lastly, yes we were talking abt the same Dalilah, and i would appreciate if you could share me more on her (the stories that u got from her hub) U could private message that part, as we, all of her classmates are still in the dark as to what really causes her death.

best regards,

pak said...

Salam Aishah. I just read ur blog on the late Dalilah. If I am not mistaken, I first got acquainted with Dalilah, about 10 years ago, during an assignment. She gave me her name card, which stated "Dalilah Abdul Ghani" as I recall. So U were not mistaken - about her name. If we are referring to the same Dalilah of NTV7, then I am saddened by this news. p.s This is Kak ray. I'm using my gmail account - name pak malim is my cat.