Thursday, December 22, 2011


Besides the fact i am trying my hardest to get back into my 'writing zone' after taking up a few days of break (due to my daughter's falling sick yet again), there are a few happenings in my life that i would like to record here.

1. HTC tablet
What was thought to be a good bargain from Maxis, turned out to be a disaster. Hub bought a new HTC tablet as a 'replacement' for himself since our lil rascal hogging his Samsung Galaxy Tab since forever. So in what was a short lived joy, he brought home the new HTC with a new upgraded wifi package only to find that the cable are a bit torn near the cord, and when we're trying to remove the sim card, the sim card slot jammed. Utterly disappointed (him, not me), he brought the HTC to fixed at Maxis presumably under warranty since it was still the first day since purchase! So, left that thing for about 3 weeks - up about last Monday, hub's hopes to be reunited with his HTC- crashed. Maxis didn't want to pay the repair that costs RM950! said it was completely my hub's fault. After 3 weeks, with 2 visits - the asst manager said it was the customer's fault to not thoroughly checked the purchased item! what bull is that? I didn't witness the quarrel between hub and the asst manager as i was waiting in the car parked illegally of course in the very congested ttdi area in the morning, so i could only imagined hub's fury (and yes it can be scary if his angry) he said, he terminated everything! now if it was me, i for surely would want to make it a complaint, publicly, maybe an open letter to the GM of customer service/HR/Corp Comm everyone in Maxis, you know make it a big fuss with the ridiculousness of the whole ordeal - but it is hub, so he didn't do much although he is in good contact with their head of PR all thanks for his position in the media co. BUT he didn't use that advantage to just channel a little frustrated concern. so typical of him, never like to abuse or misuse anything.

2 lessons learned from this incident though. 1# HTC sucks! the quality surprisingly dismal. Ruined on the first day of purchase! can't be any worse than that. in times like this, i applaud the sturdy design of apple products. i was an apple skeptics before owning an iPhone, but since i bought it - it has suffered countless scratches, being dropped numerous times, heck my daughter even used it for teething! 2# don't get overly excited over something and must never get a product that matches your existing one ( more like lesson for hub) am gonna persuade him more to get an ipad2. or not macbook yes macbook (fingers crossed) haha.Anyways, we are now wifi-less. and it sucks to only rely on very unreliable streamyx at my housing area with no backup in times of need.

2. Flu, fever & coughs
So me lil rascal is still unwell for the second time in less than two weeks. AND that is not good. I am really worried really, really worried. I hope it is nothing serious, cause every time we pay the visit to our local clinic, it would be the same replies - "no worries, kids they get sick easily". yeah but for someone as young as she, and diagnosed broncho-pneumonia last 2 months - falling sick on a regular basis is not something not to be worried. I mean, in one perspective i feel like a sore loser parent - unable to care for her so that she won't fall sick. I am failure. In another, i feel there must be something more that these doctors can do -she seems to have a lot of phlegm building up inside her and yet every time we visit the paed at SJMC - she only prescribe Ventolin and another kind of inhaler. that's it. She's so tiny, and not gaining much weight - she's only 12kg at 30 months of age. She barely gained weight since last 8 months. She's amazingly active though, but her digestion i don't know - sometimes she didn't poop until 3 days. She already got the first jab of pneumococcal, and 2 jabs for hepatitis A and B - and she will get her second dose today (friday). All these vaccinations are not cheap at sjmc mind you, and under the new medical coverage system by hub's co. under ING insurance - these vaccinations are not covered! meaning we have to bare the costs, now doesn't matter that under ING hub's med benefit's "upgraded" until 40K (the old one under GL was only 5K for spouse and kids)think the union at the co. gotta do something about this insurance coverage. Anyways, hoping the best for my lil rascal, poor her...little but can't enjoy much without worrying she might fall sick...again and again. InsyaAllah, my Nur Raihanna Iman will be fine...i got so much going on this year...dugaan betul :(

3. scholarship
Worst case scenario might well be the only scenario for granted extension without allowances/fees coverage. My compatriot of tpm thingy who is studying in uitm, said his application is still pending. although kpt's approved the other part is still waiting to be processed. this friend of mine always update me on anything about everything tpm thingy since day one - so i wont miss anything cos the idea is he's studying in the uni, thus he'd get much more info (more accurate). Anyways, i better have that safety net out by feb - cos by the looks of it - i might just be unlucky. u see this friend of mine have sent his forms last 3 months and still pending, i had only sent mine last week! so what are the odds? Haha. anyways, as i have been writing, i just hope my 'worse case scenario' would be getting half of the allowances extend- that is the kpt's side. at least i don't have to worry about for the other half; i will get by ...insyaAllah. there will always be something somewhere to find money. I mean i just helped out my lil sis's bf freelancing job last week - enough said he paid me more than i ever earned when i was working for a 12 hours job. (yes, my last pay was roughly less than rm100 per day, yep that cheap - so think again if you want to be in the media industry) :)

new year's reso? want to be a better muslim. last week, while filling up my gas at shell, i chitchatted with the attending person- a bangladeshi man as usual or 'mat bangla'. impressed with his fluency of BM, i asked him casually how long he have stayed in the country. anyways, the dialogue between him and i went something like this:-

I: so your BM is good, u must have stayed here for quite a bit.
MB: ah, yes, 5 running years ive stayed...(he actually said that..5 running years and continue explaining what he meant by that...)
I: oh ok ok (dont hurt yourself) i get what you mean. (smiled)
MB: before, i stayed at JB...everything ok people ok, but my amoi boss not - she didnt let me pray. (teary eyes)
I: that's why u came here?
MB: yes, but here ...i thought ok, boss (Chinese) always nag me on why i have to pray so many times a day. I had to explained to her many times. and..there's no prayer room except that (pointing) store no place to pray very hard.
I: just pray in the store room, couldn't u ask your boss for that?
MB: i did, she said no, and she said if i want that room so bad, it will be deducted from my pay...i said, ok do what you want to do - cut my pay, as long as i can pray 5 times a day that's all matters...i am a muslim, i must pray..i must no matter how hard life is, no matter how small or cheap my pay is - i must pray 5 times a day...i must.
I: (humbled)

--------------yes, that was how hard this Bangla guy had to face his daily struggles just to pray 5 times a day at work , bullied, questioned, but his Iman, his faith remains strong as ever. I kept thinking about this conversation i had with him and how i myself have numerous times let this duty of mine 'slipped'...i kept saying praise to Him, but i forget to thank Him most of the times, I take things easily this duty to pray 5 times a day - yes unashamedly , i skipped Subuh so often, that i think it's always ok to qadha' (repay) later ...but when i want to qadha', i feel ashamed because i've let myself go to the devil ...Allah has blessed me with this life, i am still living, He blessed me with the chance to pursue my dreams - getting this scholarship was a dream, i had constantly asking from Him to grant me 'the break' from my previous job- He listened. the Almighty Allah but what have i give in return? having chatted with this Bangla guy really opened up my eyes - i saw the sincerity in his eyes i felt it in every words he uttered. I want to emulate his sincerity, his spirits, his perseverance, his Iman...despite the many hardships - he never complaint about the pay, the skipped meals he had to live by but only the chance and place for him to face Allah. he only voiced throughout his convo with me - he's been denied/questioned to pray and that what saddens him...

i want to have that in my heart. that hidayah, that light, that taqwa. that is my hope for next year and maintain for years to come. oh and of course i want to finish my writing pronto, can't wait to get back to uni, and give back to the place that has shaped me, educated me all that early years of my adulthood. uitm sangat cantik sekarang. uitm dihatiku..(eh sama slogan ngan tempat kerja lama..takdir sangat haha)

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