Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wedding Anniversary


Today, or rather yesterday (3.3.2011), was a date remembered by everyone of us in the family. It's the day of our parents wedding anniversary. And, this year, marked their 42nd years of togetherness and encounting.

42 years. Now, that is pure commitment. To be able to stay in a relationship that long, takes real commitment, strong will power, a conscious heart and sensible too that eventhough your other half is not that perfect somebody you wished for; he/she will have to do. (let's face it, they say it takes after 5 years in a marriage then you'll truly discover the wholesome truth about your partner and more often than not- not that pretty image(s).

I have yet to come to that. BUT, my wed anniversary, is due in just a few days. Come, next monday (7/3/2011), i'll be in my fourth year of marriage with mr hubby. So, it will take me another year to pass that first iniatial testing phase.

What's amazing to me, is how couples of years of marriage can stand each other for so long? Oh, please don't give me that cliche reason such as "because they LOVE each other".

Because, let's face it. There will come a time in your marriage, then LOVE does tire you down, you get all weary about anything lovey-dovey themes, and it's purely technical or needs to have that someone as your life partner (at least this is my ill-feeling about this contract of love whenever i have spousely quarrel :p )

OK. enough raving. I actually need to get my focus to finishing my presentation that is due in less than 12 hours...unfortunately, no pictures for today's event except a cake-cutting video that i reckon would be too personal for the world wide web to see.

In sum, to mom and dad, "Mak dan Ayah, Selamat Ulangtahun Perkahwinan yang ke 42 tahun. Semoga terus berbahgia selamanya. Amin" Love you both to bits..


ananda said...

cool! happy anniversary kak nurul's parents...:D

AkaZukii said...

thanks ananda..on their behalf hehe :))