Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eddy Adika in memory..again.:((


As you probably notice (by the date of my entries) that i fortnightly update the entries of this blog. Guess that's how it is with someone having a couple of names in the blogsphere + lazybone like me do=seldom updates.

Anyhow, as i was blog-hopping, updating, touching-up here and there (macam la lawa sangat) and yes for this part i blame it largely on the effin slow internet connections in my housing area and yes again blame it all on streamyx because of the recent upgrading to unifi.

SOOOO, i was 'cleaning' my sidebars here, and i accidently clicked to one blog name that i havent clicked for a loooongggggggggggggggggg time. And yes, the owner in titled in this entry of mine. EDDY ADIKA. ALLAHYARHAM EDDY ADIKA.

if you noticed, i did write about his passing previously and posted my final picture with him.

POINT i was making: I make a heart-wrenching blog visit to Eddy's and found his third final entry was filled with words i could associate easily to- with his appreciation dedicated to my name and the same picture i have posted here with him, he had that one too!

IF ONLY i was more aware of his updates back then...:((

. you will always be remembered.

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