Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gone Too Soon..

Above: In his heyday, some of the early images of his newly constructed nose before it went all...umm runny

The picture above needs no introductory. He's more popular worldwide than the Beatles or Elvis, heck even the Pope. He was, IS and forever will be the KING OF POP! Just like the millions out there, i have my fair share of memories watching MJ's on TV and when he finally came to Malaysia way back in the early 1997, i cringed to the thought of watching him performed on stage-live and...I almost went to watched his concert (of course after failing misreably in convincing my eldest sister to bring me along with her, her excuse was because i was not old i was in 15 years old ) and my sister who bought the most expensive tix and she bought like 6 of them, brought like whoever knows..none of us in the family!! she treated her friends instead..grrrr. can never forgive her for that..pfff. (you can click here for the uploaded vid of his performance in KL when he said, "saya cinta malaysia"-translation: "i love malaysia")

SO he came in 1997. and it was hugggge coverage..everybody in the country went beserk for him. and i remembered my eldest sis telling us the stadium was a sold-out but what was interesting for her she said, of how many Indian fans of MJ in KL that came and dressed like the star, with studded white glove in one hand..his worldly trademark.

I finally had my break. During the new year eve of 1999, in Quality Hotel KL, i had MY closest 'encounter' with the 'star' himself...performing...the ballroom's light was dimmed when 'he' made his entrance...singing.."billie jean". The crowd went crazzzzyy...NOT! I was at the back of the room at that time and couldnt really see 'him' ...there was a huge fuss in the room, giggles too..and then i saw 'him'. it was not the real MJ! He was not the second best thing even! It was more like extremely super low branded copy of MJ, with skinny frail, protruding belly, very dark skin (i could only see his teeth's reflection under the low lights) and, and, BIG CURLY PONY TAILED WIG...what a.....NIGHTMARE. TO add more insult, he couldnt even do the moonwalk right..what an embarrasing impersonation of the mega star...

Above: Pretty close to the character that just made my new year celeb in 1999 a nightmare..

Now that white glove with the rest of his personal items goes under the hammer for auction (or have been sold). The white glove was put on Ebay at a starting bidding price of $388,000! AND...who is now the proud owner of one of that many white gloves of MJs? His name is Tracy Morgan one of the many Hollywood's has been.

Above: it is, when he started to make his face look scarily aging look alike to Diana Ross. What were you thinking MJ really...sadd.

HONESTLY, even before his spiralling career back then; with court-cases, world mockery etc. to the point when his death 'resurrected' his name back in the industry and everybooooody starts to claim that they're the biggest fan of MJs in the world when in real fact it was only then they lot did panic attack DVDs/CDs buy of MJs songs/videos/the last concert etc; for I, must confess in my possesion even before that whole charade, i only had TWO of his album that i must proudly confess of which i bought MYSELF with my own pocket money. the two album was HISTORY and his last album INVICIBLE .

HIS songs were all good to hear, that i have many favourites, as with millions out there..BUT some of my fav definitely GHOST, REMEMBER THE TIME, WHO IS IT, MAN IN THE MIRROR, BLACK&WHITE, IN THE CLOSET, ABC, JAM, SCREAM, BEN, DIRTY DIANA....many more....:) I remembered when i had newly bought his last album, i tried to listen to it in my dad's car (it ws the tape version, cant afford CD player back then) my father would asked me to STOP the tape after a few tracks...he said, "Tah apa tah nyanyi, asik ah ah ooh ohh tersedu-sedu jek!" He was commenting on MJs style of singing and lamented it ws not a good performance as you couldnt understand his lyrics, too much drama with the 'aaah', 'oooh'...THAT comment disappointed me. I remembered upon hearing the later remarks from my dad that discouraged me to listen to any MJ songs in his car; i pulled a sulking face! boohoo...DAD didnt approved my choice of songs. I defended to dad, "AYAH, INI MJ we're talking. King of POP!", daddy wasnt amused!

Time passed...and now the KING's Dead..and he indeed gone too June 2009, the world was shocked by his passing. His death are still mourned by many, including I. I could vividly recall that very morning a friend, Lyza Razak texted me, "MJ's DEAD babe!!!" It was quite early in the morning around 7am..the weather was drizzling, so there was this melancholic settings around me, almost like in agreement to the passing of the King. SADNESS. NUMBNESS. I was still in my confinement period back then, and remembered sharing the news with the rest of my family, all of us was GLUED to tv/internet for updates...

Above: His daughter, Paris and family members, said goodbye during the live broadcasted memorial service. ..Paris,"eversince i was born, daddy has been the best father you can imagined, and i just wanted to say that i love much.."

MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON is dead..and there will be no one, even close to, that can even compares with him! no one can be compared with him! RIP MJ. Always missed. and may justice be served to whoever did involve in causing his death. Dr. Conrad Murray pleaded not guilty and much anticipated trial sets this 28 march. If convicted Murray faces maximum of 4 years in prison..

PS: i wrote this thread in memory of the King, simply because...i wnt to! hell it is my blog..bluergh. nah, i ws listening to his songs/videos..MJs accompanying me throughout the late night studies since..last week. :)

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