Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tortoise-like speed drivers should be penalized too!

FIRST of all, i am so not inferring the tortoise-like speed drivers to senior citizens. I mean, I am not that harsh and inconsiderate. Senior citizens...really ought to be given a break, while i am it, equally forgiven are 'expired' cars, rotten, bumper terlondeh, you get the idea what i am talking about with bad conditions. I mean, you can/should also give those conditions a break.

HOWEVER, those so-called cautious, good, traffics abiding drivers with 30km/h speedometer or less really ticks me off!

SURE, there are times when you just want to have a relax drive..but that can be done if you're on a countryside, travelling down a road while at the same time try taking in the scenic landscapes, with air brushing your face, your gf/bf/scandals by your know like in the movies!

BUT, on a one/two lane route? Realllllllly pisses me off man. Macam #*^#*^_(@*. Today (yesterday) i guess was my unlucky day. I've encountered a few of this jack-asses..two while on my way to class, of which both cars were considerably new cars (judging from the exterior of the car and license plate) one was Proton Wira and the other was Myvi with the former man driver! And while i was on my way back home, one super-dimwit ass drove brought the traffic to a halt on a one lane downhill route!!! THAT WAS PRETTY DANGEROUS man. MEmang babi gila orang tu...almost causing accidents.

Memang ultimate pu&*#&* when i see this kind of road users! NOT only they are fully aware of their driving speed, i reckon they enjoy it with no remorse nor considerations to at least give way to people to overtake them!

KALAU kau iyapun tengah blowjob/beromen/menggelitit dalam tu pun, ketepi la kan kereta tu. give way. I say this, because it's night man, you cant be saying 'no, i am enjoying the scenary' Fuck it, it was really dark. (NOTE: puncak alam route) Nor was the route sandwiched with beautiful mountains, colorful trees on the roadside ke hapa.. There are people who have serious matters, demanding business to get to (like i was, was effin late to class).

DO they realised by driving too slow, they are also endangering other road users? It's equally dangerous to drive to fuckin slow as with too fuckin fast.

OF COURSE i am no way condoning any speed above the speed limit..i mean that's really asking for accidents..contributing to death statistics. BUT come on, driving like a pea-minded tortoise is not helping others as well.

AS SUCH, these people ought to be penalized equally as those fast drivers!

AM reminded by one FRIENDS episodes where Ross got to drive his dad's porche, and in trying to impress Rachel for a drive out in the convertible he ended up only to reveal his real driving skills to Rachel...which was none! Rachel to Ross, "Have you ever heard fifth gear?". Ross ended up got a ticket for driving too slow in a highway and thinking back, i think that law should be made legal here in Malaysia . Road Safety DG DATUK SURET SINGH kena buat kempen "PANDU PERLAHAN PUN BOLEH MAUT DI TENGAH JALAN" atau "SILA LAJU LAGI LABI ATAU ORANG LAIN MATI".

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