Friday, March 4, 2011

Laughter's the best medicine or so they say.......


Comedy always had this magnetic affect on me eversince i can remember. you know, i'm of one of those softies with a 'ticklish' heart (is there really such a thing? :p)..and such, funny, wa
cky, comic people will surely get my attention. they seem to clicked that 'button' for ease. So much so, over the years, funny guy always have the easy way to interests me, captivates me..and i absolutely adore the sights of Adam Sandler, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell..(just to name a few) and Saturday Night Live (SNLs), FRIENDS are some of my all-time favorite shows
(above) Jimmy Fallon, one of the many person i would want to meet..after Keanu Charles Reeves and Takuya Kimura (also previously wish to date-list..haha yes dreamy i know)

BUT, this is real life is it not? More often than not, we don't end up having the things we would love to have. Funny, humorous guy was never the characterictics in my husband. it's like he almost have no comic bone, cells,veins in him. OK. i am painting an injustice picture of him of being this dead-super-serious guy aren't i? mami aisheteiru you still ayah..;p

To set the record straight en suami do have his fair shair being a comic himself. I would call his sense of humor more like the Brits they say, that have this dry-like comedy sense and when they make a joke, they don't make that face at all. like very stone almost, dead but
dead funny..well, en suami does have his humorous days once in awhile.

POINT i am making, yes i fancy comedian, but not just any comedian. I can't tolerate "low" type of jokes such to say on farts,races,disgusting stuffs i.e. poos, though have to admit, those things can really trigger some laughs easily, anytime. OK, so just a few drops of those in a joke should be alright i guess, BUT if the whole skits consist of poos, farts, and you the audience finds that funny, then there must be some serious problems with that audience.

WITH that, i am making reference to the on-going local comedian talent show called 'RAJA LAWAK'. the show is now in its fifth season (congrats) meaning, despite criti
cs it survived all those years and now on the semi-final weeks (i guess).

OVERALL, i personally think it is a good show. I mean , you can't expect to get wonders li
ke Sandler, Fallon, Ferrell type of stand-up comedian in its finalists. Even those people mentioned didn't start up and become great and discovered instantly. having said that, making jokes is not easy to do. and making it on a weekly basis, in front of live audience is even harder, one can only imagined. even worst when the crowd doesnt appreciate your work and they're not responding to your jokes. that'd....surely hurts. SO in that light, kudos to the finalists.

SO, who are my favorites? Personally, I like the duo from Penang, the solo MAN..the rest to me are just so-so. WHO would i root to be the winner? MAN. simply because he is a solo, and he is talented that is to say, he had been coming up with new character every week rather than the former that undeniably have excellent chemistry between the two and do cracked some wicked jokes. HOWEVER, that particular duo, i reckon will be a hit after the shows. They'll surely get jobs easily because of their 'slamber' approach to comedy and very au naturally ..funny! gosh, i love them all really. can they have two winners this year??

(Above) Balas: They often take the character name of Tom and Jerry. Tom being the skinny guy on the left and Jerry, the one's in stripey shirt. Their skits if in this character is often with wicked, twisted manglish style lingo. Funny as hell. I personally dig the stripey because he's just wacko!!!!

ANYWAYS, they say laughter is the best medicine; when you're happy, one wrinkle less in the face; or always smile puts off the sadness away. Skeptics or believers; scientifically the saying about 'laughter being the best medicine' has been proven to be true. So much so, the professionals have come up with a laugh therapy that to be said effective in combating diseases:

"Laughing is found to lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, increase muscle flexion, and boost immune function by raising levels of infection-fighting T-cells, disease-fighting proteins called Gamma-interferon and B-cells, which produce disease-destroying antibodies. Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins, the body's na
tural painkillers, and produces a general sense of well-being."

As for the concern that laughter can put give away wrinkles, i guess you can take the look at those happy faces in tv life like Aznil Hj Nawawi, who clearly has always been this jovial individual, almost like on prozac-constantly smiling and happy it seems..and look at his face. it is almost like he doesnt age much and still look as young as he was when he first started his career back in the 80s (i know so and can still vividly recall one centerspread magazine photoshot of him standin
g beside a car that my sister had cut-out and paste on her inner cupboard walls! because he was so cute, she said)

TRIVIA: i used to pose (and still sometimes do even today..) with very weird, almost not-sensible, cartoony look whenever i get my picture snap eversince i just a kid because i don't know how to smile and thus figured if i make funny faces people won't notice that i am not good looking and would think "hey look at her she's cute, funny & happy kid"...yeah...i am a comic to myself..

(above) yours truly at the age of 7. evidence of that so-called weird-funny face pose. (^-^)


mizzyN said...

i dig british comedy, but i'd watch them on dvd because sometimes they can be hard to decipher.

AkaZukii said...

Yeah i so know wht ur mean..they can be wickedly funny, and the accent soooooo sexxxxy ;))