Saturday, October 1, 2011

Exposing Self to the Blogosphere

After so much self wallowing, i've gotten myself back to the working world at least for awhile (that is the plan) until i can figure out whether i would want to continue on the basis of assuming a lecturing career OR back to sordid self of mere ass-kicking (ass-kicked) worker in the glitz & glam world that is the media industry.

2. Of course me gotta figure out exactly the resources needed for 100k compensation if i choose to adopt the latter option in life.

3. So in that case, there is no option is there. No way am gonna find 100k (and if i do find that much money I'd better spend it on meself-luxuring all things i had wished i have...)

4. OK for now busy-ing self at PWS under a new programme. Quite interesting. Internationally-issues-related kind. Which also means tons of possibilities for overseas work.

5. BUT time is short for me. I got less than 3 months to finish that damn thesis which carry massive 40 credit hours (serves me right...! f***)

6. I want to stay in this lala land forever..LOL.

7. OH, sweetest thing. Daughter started to make a sentences, understandable sentences, phrases. Which is a good start albeit some might say it is quite late for a 2 year old.

8. Either way, she's most adorable now that i love to play 'sulking-face' with her and she would come and console me, hug me and tell me how much she loves me. It is so soothing.

9. OK. suddenly remembered got lots of proposals to make (side jobs) and hate finishing what is pressing that THESIS. i just don't have the mood that ISA is about to be abolished and all........freedom of speech so-called will be restored.......yadadadaddadadada.........would there still be any relevance if i stay on my subject of interest? or do i need to have a major restructuring? hatttttttttttttte this part of not knowing what to do..

10. mampuskan la..for now layan utube, layan lagu layan aljazeera listening posts lagi bagus..(^-^)

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