Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quick rambling

pure neglection to this blog since forever.
OK. so after me shortlived joy of submitting my proposal aka chapter 1 in time and receiving enormous positive feedbacks from the sv, i left it untouched ever since and that peeps was in july.

2. TYPICAL. there was ramadan excuse, and comes after the holy month, there was the Eid excuse. I mean, my work was constantly put on procrastination stage because of so many happenings in my life ( or reasons for the procrastination to take place)

3. So i heard that no sorts of extension will be entertained to any tpm scholars regardless the reasons they may have.

4. Well, i do have my reasons. And not that this news is a surprise to me, i am looking for an extension simply because i wanted to and do not think i could finish within the stipulated time.

5. BUT i won't dare to ask for the allowances to be extended as well. Hence, i have been scouting for jobs since july to have an early start for my own 'loan make-up' or 'rainy days' allocations fund.

6. AND just when i have lost the faith and given, came not one but two offers/openings.

7. THOUGH i dont fancy of going back to my 'old place' cos you know, wanting to have 'change' once awhile thingy; i have a special place in me hearts for that 'old place' you know...quite sentimental.

8. more than sentimental, it is actually, honest to god, CONVENIENT. yes, it is closest to my pad and the fact i've had experiences in the place so i pretty much know the M.O of the job specs.

9. BUT what got me excited was another oppurtunity. ive been a fan. the perks offered wayyyy better, but its location draws a huge setback for me. AND of course, knowing ive known most of the heads in the department from my past acquaintances; it'll only means that i need to 'bring it, or don't bring nothing at all'. you know, cant be screwing me good names ( and hubby's for that matter cos these people are mostly acquainted with the hub)

10. STALL and more stall. for now i will have more on my plates but i reckon it is for good in me life.

11. going back to work would mean: more hectic, more discplined, more stress, more fun and hopefully i can lose some of my troubling 'sloth's weight' accumulated since last year and in between hoped to be able to finish the paper.

12. ive seen some friend's work and i must say that though it seems hefty , most of the efforts been put forth are do-able. they've used largely from online sources without the real need of physically going through the trouble of library hopping and book huntings for hours.

13. alas, perserverance intact i must, strive harder i shall or be denied everything that i ever hoped for in search for a better life (economically).

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