Friday, April 8, 2011

Updates Uolss!


Ahah. Again the procrastinator is here. and this entry will not be procrastinated anymore. REASON for not updating: Other than being occupied with fulltime mommyhood, of course assignments and classes made it to my whining-cursing-oh-why-i-have-no-time-for-myself-list. Not that i am officially a free bird now (well almost for this sem at least, 50% there..) but all major homeworks have been handed in, and what is left to face in my MA battle is final exam that is up in less than 3 weeks! However, i am in no way free, just somewhat, 'release' from any major headaches for now..

OK. who am i kidding. The postgrad stress will always be there until...i am a graduate. With less than a year to go before my scholarship runs out, I have yet made any real progress with my dissertation.

At this point, i am really regretting the fact i took what i took for that matter. Solely because i am binded to a certain requirement for my dissertation- category predetermined, of which is totally out of context with what has been taught to me throughout this entire course. NOW, if i was just like any other students, I have NO problem concocting a subject matter for dissertation.

NO, not being cocky. Just pure realist. Because i have done all the coursework, I am familiar with the concepts and theories regarding the coursework, so technically i could cook up something if i want just to fill the bill for a scroll.

BUT that is not the case for me. I cannot just do anything. Even worse i have to do something off-the-tracks totally. NOW if that does not make any other sane person even stressful, i dont know what will. Doing something that you have not got the chance to familiarise with. That you have not studied. Seriously, it is tough.

HOWEVER, being a fighter (yes, such contradiction- i am a whiner as well as a fighter) i DO have an idea of what i COULD do. just that, because the department i am in, is not related with what i have to do, as such there are no or lack of experts in that particular field, i could only ask for suggestion from some lecturers i know of only to be quite disappointed because they themselves are not well-versed in the matter- as such only could give very basic rules and guidance. OK probably i have not found the right person, but..until i do, this feelings of being lost and confuse will be lingering on for some time.

YADAYAYDAYAYDAYAYDAYADA...bluerghh. gosh, even writing them out (angst over not-making any real progress with my dissertation) exhaust me! OK gotta stop.


SOOOOO, what is new? Tettttttttttt..NOTHING. ahah. again sordid details about to be poured out on www. screw that. onto something more gay and cherry.


MALAYSIAN POLITICS? getting too controversial and almost circus-like with dirty exposure and accusations, name-callings, drama drama drama....from one detail to another, and in between, whattt another death incidents implicating something so familiar? suicide or homocide? for now, dont speculate, dont decide, i'd say and personally i dont care.


LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT? another so-called most grandeur award show held in the all too familiar location. vain place for a taste of celebs life, feeling all too glamourous and hollywood wannabes. again personally, felt nauseating and wanting to vomit at the sights of them feeling oh-f-it- i-m- a- shtar, with shimmering dress and dying to broadcast their sponsors name any chance they had, hence the cliche brainless chitchats while on podium announcing the nominees and winners "apa khabar?", "bangga saya berdiri sebelah si jelita/jambu/kacak", "cantik baju", "wow, awak nampak lawa", "apa projek baru" and the cliche brainless chitchats continue..*vomit* I would rather watch HBO or my japanese drama DVDs than tuning to that channel, BUT en suami wanted to watch them saying, "come on mami, support malaysia la" again, *vomit* this aint about supporting malaysian entertainment industry, if i dont watch it does not make less patriotic about the industry, it is after all 'most popular' this and that categories on the basis of so-called solely fans vote. *vomit* with one particular name withdraw from the show, truly made way for others to stand a chance to win. BUT again, i dont think at all those who won, truly manifest the best in the industries. nonetheless, i dont really have anything against those who won, really not my business- except one name of which i think *vomit* dont deserve the trophy because having seen her in close proximity because i used to work under the same rooftop, i dont think she is all she appears to be in the public, except being one dubious, conniving, magnificent actress. *vomit again*


oh little something on raja lawak. now in a grandeur season-maharaja lawak, where all the top-3 finalists compete for a grand prize RM300k in cash!!!! wow. that is some money man. i wish i could have that.....oh man, i do wish winning cash money anytime. haha. so anyways,the show is now in its second week, with ac mizal as host and so-called 'experience' and 'credible' faces of the industry as juries...except Apek, i think the other two are not comedian and the basis of why they are chosen is debatable. that aside, i thought performances to watch out for and worth the time are that of jozan, nabil, sepah and balas! i bet jozan, sepah and nabil will be the top 3 BUT knowing it is not completely a REALITY show with decision PURELY made on the votes cast by fans (come on .. with astro or any tv shows for that matter, nothing is real real and transparent anytime they put on a show with fans voting system in it..there tend to be manipulation or special prior decisions made) - i make this claims based on 3 apparent reason:

1) no verification nor authentication as to the real numbers contributing the participants' percentages. I mean, they say so an so wins with so and so percentage, BUT who can confirm for real if those numbers are true or even existed! Nor there is no auditors like in juara lagu (just to cite an example) to emits credibility to the numbers of votes. Also, there has never been an explanation of how many thousands of people that voted that made up that particular percentage (in comparison with American Idols or even ABPBH)

2) look at how they so-called 'open' the voting lines in every show. they so called 'open' it right after the show starts and 'end' it just after the last act done doing their thing. I mean, in one way, it could be translated as suicidal if there are people (excludes those die-hard fans that would vote regardless the performances of their interest) who would vote accordingly, those 'on-the-fence-voters'..and say the last act really did crack them up and they want to cast their votes but cannot do so because the line is immediately close after the act finishes the sketch. what idiocy is that? is astro wants to appear unsuspicious, they should at least break for a commercial before resuming the show and announce the line is officially close, or why dont you go all capitalism- open it throughout the whole week and ends it just 10 mins before the show ends every friday.

3) look at last season winners. balas has been on the top of the list with 40%-50% majority, leaving their comrades with a mere 5%-15%, and yet in the finale, they dropped to third place! just like suddenly, kepooff..there goes the 1st prize dream. conspiracy indeed. the same scenarios with other fans-voting shows with the company...and confirmed by insiders, that winners are predetermined and favouritism do exist!

that is why, though i would not mind charging my bills voting for my favourite acts, i would not do so ...not until i am convinced those money i spent really did make a contribution to the participants either increasing/decreasing their winning chance.


Madam Sooyaree said...

Ku rasakan kalau ada 30 hours a day, still same thing. Asyik tak cukup masa! :P

AkaZukii said...

Haha..yep setuju puan huds..:)