Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Promise Not To Whine..


I used to be one of those skeptics that think being a mom is an easy job. I mean, how hard can it be caring for a kid (i decided on this based on my experience nannying 5 nieces and nephews at young age).

Fastforward, at 29 years of age, i learned the bitter truth about parenting- it is nothing short of hardwork, headaches and heartbreaks. Mommyhood is pure roller-coaster feelings- it is all mixed to one; at times you feel blessed upon seeing your bundle of joy's life progress-from teething, crawling, running, talking etc; then there are other times when you feel all flat on your face, super-pressured to be this strong image of a good mom/dad-nursing, caring at all costs at anytime of the day without complaining or whining...

What i learned most about being a mom at quite a young age (considering how so-called modern women these days feel about marriage & career)- is that i have to sacrifice alot on my freedom as an individual.

Gone were the days i could wake up anytime i please (well i must confess, lately i did this sort of thing..of course in between being awake and sleepy- i veggied myself out either on my couch or bed till before noon with my daughter waiting patiently for her mommy to stand on her two feet and bath/feed her..such a good girl), do whatever i want at my whimp, go wherever i feel like going, buy nonsensical things on impulse....just have things done the way i like it to be.

NOW, it is about what should i get for my daughter first, if i go to any restaurant, the menu to look for is something i could share with the toddler-nothing fancy/spicy/oily; finding a place for family leisure-do they have a playground, kid's changing room, is the place toddler-friendly in a sense is it big enough for my daughter's oversize pram to manuever, do they have kid's high chair etc.- just some of things that i'd definitely consider before even venturing out and making plans for the day.

As if being a mommy was not demanding enough, i made a decision to quit my already complacent/doing-well job (was climbing the ladder of success, well on the verge of climbing...) for an even crazier, hectic life as full-time postgrad student + mom.

I thought then, 'sure, i can pull this off' or 'yes, i foresee it to be fulled with hurdles+hiccups+shits+rainbows, but i will SURVIVE, no problem, determination is the key'.... inching to a year as full-time student and on ending my second semester - i am having second thoughts..all that 'i am a superwoman, ms independent, girl power' senses in me...slowly vapourizing/diminishing into thin air and untraceable.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ouch! reality bites me on the ARSE like big time babeh.....and it hurts with no sufficient words to describe the pain.

SIGH. i do not know if this is something more than i thought i could take. it surely beginning to feel like it. I am slowly losing focus- first the dream of undergrad redemption gone down the drain; even worse i am doing far humiliating than i did in my undergrads and if this rate continues= equally gone the chance to take phd outside of malaysian boarderlines. Secondly, not only i was bold and focus when starting out to make this work in less than 2 years, but now under the circumstances, i'd probably risking to push my graduation date even further than planned.

+++++++++++++++++++++++SLappppppppppppppppppEDDDD myself on the face.

NO,NO, NO...i am not whining. NO,NO,NO i am not weak. Truth is, too many happenings in my life insofar causing me 'derailed' from the tracks to glory. And it is just so sad..really. Not only the fact i started student life with a toddler as my extra baggage already causing my first handicap-i do not have help in this crucial years of the studies, makes it more discouraging (2 indonesian maids i had in less than 2 years, became nothing but history of my life they 'took-off' without notice). I did try one of those nurseries thingy, but did not like the fact is causing my daughter's health in ups&downs- the worse being, daughter was sick from flu+coughs for more than a month.

To top it off, dad who has always been the 'stronger and healthier' parent as opposed to mom, undergo a surgery at the end of last year and have since caused change his life; now i do not have one parent (mom) that is sick and need attention, but dad who had always been the one looking out for mom, also required attention as he too is not well. As if that is not enough, my parents is losing the only property they have, subsequently a lost to all of us-to me especially as that house is the same age with me and for the past 29 years-all memories were drawn from that place.

Adding more pressure for this- i feel that i am one of the two last carrier of hopes of my parents to help them out as other siblings at this point of their life could not do much (they have their own battles to fight) and the fact i am not working when i should be (i feel given the circumstances) i could /must help with whatever i have (which unfortunately i do not have much...)


so tell me, if there is one person out there who could go/have gone through everything given the same if not worst conditions than i do- i really must speak to that person or at least learned her/his tricks of survival under extreme social pressures- because at this point in life, i feel i am for the gezillion times since all hell break loose- on the verge of emotional break down and quitting seems to be the only way out.....:((

amidst all this challenges- one frustration to the next keeps haunting me down- one of it being that everytime it seems i have put an extra effort to studying, the results did not turn out the way i anticipated it would be (mind you i do not, have never put too much hope, but pass mediocre line essentially what my goals has always been) but..but...after 2 papers i think it is confirmed - early revision, concentrated work, hardworking, full references, will not do me much justic, since all my laidback, last minute study, choppy, sloppy work have got me better grades than those i put my back to it. such irony in my sordid life, and this i promise is no whining, just mere scribbling of my study idiosyncracies.

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