Monday, July 12, 2010

Revamp, re-construct,renew

The day ive been waiting for ever since taking up that offer, has finally came and done with. From today onwards, im officially a grad student.

I must admit, after 4 years leaving uni life, getting myself back in the game of reading scholarly materials, writing analysis about an issue, attending classes all a bit nervewrecking and intimidating.

But it is only my first day at school. If things go well and according to plan, i'll graduate in a year time. And hopefully with good grades if not flying off the walls grades.

Apart from getting myself back in the routine of that a student- the revising notes, the group discussions, presentations and what not- another crucial aspect that i hope to benefit from this whole ordeal is brushing up the communicationn skills- especially the english lingo. As this would significantly be useful for me in the future as an aspiring lecturer- i really need to be in academia elements if theres such a thing.

On a different note, being a student again - although am doing it on full-time basis, i dont see myself as one. What i am unfortunately doing 'full-time' is play mommy role. Yes, im talking about my baby girl as the bos of me and im her nanny. Evenmore crucial now that my maid took off yesterday. In that sense, im as part-time as most of my new classmates are and that would require me being more hardworking. Hope i can cope.

In the meantime, me got new site to my name in this blog sphere.


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