Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's A New Year Again

salam..wooooooooooo how ive been slacking off to make any updates on this blog of mine..but i guess it is still not too late to wish (myself) a Happy New Year..2011. But, but...I am not all optimistic for what this year has to offer for me, especially regarding family issues and I..Hence, the modification of this site= removed the banner with all joyous me & hubby wed photos and the striking flowery pinky background..:((

2. I dont even know where to start. 2011 seems to bring so many sad stories even at the start of it, and this doesnt mean well..

3. Something dear, very dear to my heart, and to the rest of my family will be gone in matter of months all thanks to a particular person who have "showered" us with her "kindness" for the past 5 years, only to be wanting this one thing dearest to us all back as bargain!

4. Oh how all of us have been decieved by that wretch person, who talks with a fashion of hollier-than-thou, but come to think of what she's doing to us now, what is holly about it? Whats so good about it? Wheres the generosity?

5. Oh how sad it is to think that after all this years, dearest atashii no ryoushin have to face all their crucial golden years..years of which they should be spending wrinkles free, lazying in the house with laughters of rugrats running wild in the weekends while everybody who is dearest to them all- would spoil them every once in awhile.

6. Oh to that snake person, you are indeed more vicious than a snake, to call yourself with a standards and act all pious, all that talk about sincerity when in fact you're doing the same of what a Yahudi bad scheming would have done-utter oppression, heartless act of putting people off to the streets, literally!

7. Oh you that heartless witch, you ought not to be called with that honorary title in front of your glittering name that have become the fate of you because you were just damn lucky to be born of privilege and on a silver platter...In truth, you're bloodsucking creature with eyes blinded for all monetary lust and a mind of getting things the way you want it.

8. Theres no way around this mess, except a miracle. By Allah O Mighty, for only He can alter this spiraling down fate it seems - Give us the hope , show us the way to fight back not physically, but emotionally-stronger to face the demons with hijab roaming wild on earth with skins so white & flawless, clad in expensive cottons & worldly materials, whilst ever so proudly quoting Your Name as the foundation of her deeds to to so-called do good to people in need, only to bash them out in later years or asking them to sell their soul in return.

9. I solemnly swear, from here on..I hate you DF and I hope Allah will pay you back equally, that you would in return in this life suffer the same amount of pain youve inflicted onto others that have trusted you, given them all their admiration & love, but you screwed it because of mere $$$ albeit you so proudly declare you have abundance of..but yet, you ripped the poor, tricked them cold to get your way.

10. There's God no other than Allah and He will definitely show you what is so deserving of you if you're not careful. Amin.

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