Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ops israelis doing it again! And again..and again again again...

By today- it's not just Islamic countries ir communities but the whole world whose concern with Israelis attrocities on the interceptions of world's flotilla convoy-standing united in condemnation towards tel aviv and netanyahu!

Though more than 20 lives of innocent activist were killed- most shot in close range by Israelis commandos who raided the Mavi marmara ship - the zionists wont stop their cause.

No more is the issues of religion - there are islam, christians, jews and even atheist but they come together in the name of humantarian efforts to relinquish the blockade on helpless Gazans - something that should have been stopped a long time ago.

Palestinians should be freed! Palestine should be allowed to fuction as a country, a sovereign state, exercising their rights just as any other countries.

It is no longer an issue of islamic jihad (fight in the name Allah) it is not a terrorist actions if a Gazan or Palestinian blew themselves up in order to protect what is left of their country. But this, this blockade, this attrocities, this interceptions on world convoy all in the name of solving bigest humantarian crisis- this is terrorism at its worse play! Tonnes of aid channel in hope of building gazans is not fuelling terrorism. But imposing blockade, uneccessary sanctions for basic food, medications IS TERRORISM!

More pitiful the western leaders act like a dummy on a string. Powerless over Israel - a state thats way smaller than those countries combine. Mouths sealed; hands tighten; eyes shut; ears deaf up.

What can we do than stood in congregation over and over again and condemn our loudest to them? Its about time all muslims in the world, arabs too, acivists who believe in the cause- come together and 'strike' the Israelis hard! Strike them now when they're most vulnerable! Strike them now when they're most afraid of their own shadows! Strike them and may Allah be with us throughout this ordeal!

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