Thursday, March 28, 2013


Have you ever wanted something so bad that you kept dreaming about it until one day, one fine day - that dream becomes a reality? Those magical moments of my life in Nippon for a brief 8 months is that dream that was granted by Allah. 

There can be nothing as magical as that 8 months. I can still vividly recalls the sight, the fresh smell of winter, the lovely autumn breeze, the hot yet merry summer. I can still taste the lovely nihon foods, the scent of 'ocha', the heat of 'onsen', the yummylicious 'oden', gawk at their technological marvels, experience the unpredictable weather, the scary 'jishin' and most of all the super steadfast and dedicated nihonjins with their 'jidensha' - ever helpful sensei, wonderful friends and friendly strangers with their beautiful nihongo.

However, these memories are fast fading away. Some I have forgotten their full names, others I can barely remember. If there is anything I regret about this trip is the fact that I failed to transfer those 8 recorded mini DV tapes to a computer when I had the chance (while working at a tv station) and printing out still pictures while it was still fresh (now I misplace the copies and the tapes are still in tapes. Not sure if it can be transferred). Honto ni natsukashii. This dream is continued, is hopes that one day, one fine day, I get to live it again. Revisits those paths, rekindle the friendships. InsyaAllah.

At Karuizawa during fuyu (winter).
One of the earliest picture in nihon. From left far back:- Jessica, Cho Hiromi Sensei, Watashi, Mimura San. Bottom left:  Ken and Tyler.

At Japan's Parliament (diet) building during aki (autumn).

Some of my final pictures hanging out with Cho sensei at Tokyo Daigaku. Eating yaki-imo (ubi panggang).

Trying to make a snow-angel imprint at Nagano.

Opposite Harajuku station.
Of course other than Japan, the second thing I've been dreaming for and have been fulfilled is academia dreams. However this is one dream that is slowly becoming a nightmare (God forbids!). Nevertheless, got to  be a faito, ganbarro for this is just parts and parcels of life. I have been lucky and blessed so far.

Alhamdulillah. Even when times were hard, somehow I managed to bring myself together and reaped the fruits in the end. Whatever I wish and dream and work for - has been granted by the Almighty. Of course the manageable and realistic ones (you know dreaming to marry a Hollywood superstar doesn't count mahupun mimpikan kereta Porche tapi kerja gaji RM3000 je sebulan...macam tu punya mimpi sampai mati takkan dapat capai, kecuali MIRACLE). And even things does not go as planned, I'd still praise Allah for the all the blessings bestowed upon me. Trials and tribulations maketh a stronger person if one believes.

Indeed, Fabi ayyi ala i robbikuma tukadziban (55:15) .فَبِأَىِّ ءَالَآءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ 


ananda anwar said...

aaak baru tengok entry ini. Kak, I like your style yg dekat Harajuku Sta. :D

AkaZukii ChaCha said...

Ara. Ananda. What a pleasant surprise...kamu baik sangat lah ...stail apa? Itu stail pauper student (dan masih lagi hingga kini) hows studies goin? :)