Sunday, March 10, 2013

Books galore

After much anticipation and almost 'missed' out on claiming the vouchers (no thanks to lack of information disseminated by the 'whoever'), I got my hands on the 1Malaysia book vouchers worth RM250 allocated for students (and my 'Kad Siswa' too) last Friday. Unlike last year, this time around the faculty were strict in terms of validation and so were two major bookstores that I went to - imposed certain house-rules e.g: a quota of 80% books and 20% stationeries or only 'educational' books valid for redemption). It was much easier last year, in fact I enjoyed last year's voucher with many books (cheapo ones) even got a few for my mom.

Anyway, the following are the bounty I got for this year. Four big chunky books - that I am pretty excited about - two of which I have read thanks to the uni library (and was happily hogging on them of course needed to pay the extra dues). Thus with the free vouchers, I thought it is rightfully I splurge some of the value on these books. The other two- Murakami has always been on my list since early last year but being me, I hold my desire to buy novel because I figured I should be spending on books that I can use for my study instead for leisure reading. While Fukuyama - well, it was the only book at MPH that I thought speaks to me and within my budget (mind you, most books are above RM50) wanted to go for Bob Woodward's Obama: White House thingy - but the only copy available at that time was in hardcover and it is costly! -RM171.

Books galore, almost.
Anyway that is that, of course I will enjoy these, especially Murakami's after thesis submission which I hope is soon. Am so tired looking and re-reading my work. Vomits.

Thank you PM for the vouchers, hopefully if this govt still rules after April 2013 - this vouchers is a continued practice and perhaps might wanna increase the value to say....RM500? :) After all, these four books already costs RM210. Books aren't cheap, trees aren't cheap. 

Uh, and notice I ended up (as always) buying Nihonjin writers. Omoshiroi ne.

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