Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh cuaca yg panas..bikin kapla pusing

OK. Dont mean to's just that i think wht i am about rant is so typical of me as a human being..always easy to feel dissatisfied abt things.....anything.

So malaysia is a tropical country with it u there's the 24/7 summer..or 24/7 rainy days. Is it just me or the weather do gets warmer these days..extreme heat almost 33 degree celcius..or 37 on somedays..i mean that is super hot..and not in a sexy way hot. lol.

Bila panas kebelakangan ini aku akan sakit kepala yg teruk so much so my migrane becoming so bad and severe these days that i had to be jab with painkiller whenever i got the attacks..and somtimes it wasnt caused by stress..

Kalau kena kat anak aku plak lagi kesian..dahla jenis cpt kalau cuaca panas ni lagilah..i mean she even sweat profusely when making her poo poo hehe..terlebih sihat..

And oh, today after jummat prayer, me father handed me over a piece of paper- a flyer about ambiga. He said he got that in the masjid. I went through the stuffs written on it and just to be clear- it has nothing good to say to tht ex-bar council president.

Just like the rest of the masses i am not too sure of what to think..again the content of that flyer are provocatively based on race and religion. And the figure it was referring to..i mean she's not a muslim nor circulating a flyer after jummat congregation is no doubt with one intention in mind- to warn the muslims and malay.. yeah some of the issues raised does have concern..if it's true i find it appaling a non-muslim dare question the syariah law..even i as muslim , we dont speak ill of it..because if u do, u are questioning Allah..even more ridiculous, the one who's questioning have no understanding about the deen.

But tht is not their fault (non-muslim) if they feel dubious towards the teachings of islam..because they arent educated in the subject and misinformed with so many religious pundits/ politicians this light i totally agree with the concept of secularism as practiced in turkey..where they separate religion and politics - doesnt matter wht religion..hve to be separated with politics..especially in a multi racial country like ours.

Mmm ok enuff rambling..the heat is getting on my head ..i feel so like taking my shirts off and take a dip in a ice cold water..and oh it's my 1st post via iphone..i knw so outdated

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