Friday, February 26, 2010

Pog mo thoin

1. I know i say this often, and it sounds so cliche, but that is just the truth and nothing more. i've been slacking to write solely because i been busy. ok not really. quite occupied with life basically.

2. Seriously I don't know where to start. So many things i wanted to write about. the many happenings, the pouring out, baby's know everything.

3. Just can't understand, why is it when we complain a little, or perhaps been vocal about any disgruntled feelings we are often perceived and labeled as sorry arse whiners? complainer? Can it just be that we are merely being brave enough to say what we feel out in the open so far there are solid reasons behind them? blowing trumphets and founded expressions of dissatisfaction - there are difference between the two. Though it can be a blurry defining line.

4. Are we supposed to be blinded followers? Nay-sayyers? to everything and anything to the establishment or superior that we work with or anything that matter? can't we have a differentiated views or suggestions or mere bashing once in awhile? you know, therepeutic purposes.( note bashing)

5. And everytime there are non-believers, critics or haters (maybe) - i just wanted to shout at their face and say " back-off" . If it doesn't concern or involve you, don't give your opinion to me. don't criticize me. Don't judge me. Your not entitled.

6. I'm no whiner! no, not at all. And it irks me most if anything people would call or associate me as such everytime i may have conflicting views. You have no idea have grateful I am. Your not the God of me. YOU don't know me.

7. Are you grateful enough? TO compare with others is so easy. Finding mistakes in others is even more easy. Doesn't have to be an Einstein for that. BUT many of us forgets that we are mere mortals, we make mistakes, you, her, him, that lad, this gal and I. WE. so don't discriminate. don't be judgemental.

8. I have my own reason not to like somebody. If i chose not to like a person, am i a sinner? and you ( the judgemental pea brain) hollier than thou? most absolutely not! get serious, all of us, ALL (can't be stressing more) have favorites. Even Allah almightly have favourite and that is His Beloved and Ours too Prophet Muhammad PBUH. So don't get me started.

9. Sooooo high-school sometimes when some adult would have the heart to make click or gang up for the mission to destroy others. (by reputation i reckon most, too kill literally they're faint hearted) It's so mindboggling to me on why these people can do that. TO actually 'steal' a friend of their 'enemy(s)' and poisoined them thoroughly until they become one of them- an enemy. Evenmore sickening at those poisoined 'victim' to be easily coaxed to defect.

10. I have no more love for this particular kashain. I've drained out on that. Every minute passes me by so slowly and kills me softly. Like carcinoma cells engulfing and suffocating me.

11. Now i learned the blunt way. That 'black' record is a phantom. I thought it already died out and a closed case. But apparently, or shall i quote "i have to be blunt to you.." unquote. it has not. Which totally explains why i can't be made anything more than what i am today. Any advancement halted until further notice. Funny though. Debatable really. To a point of absurdity. If the past is what hindering me from any pot of gold, i can take that anytime. (on second thought make that copper la gold is too pushing it LOLS) BUT, a punishment or reason so i can't take leave even if it's medically deemed fit, that's preposterous!

12. I was misleaded with that once. I was assured by somebody i trusted (then) that that somebody will help me sustained what i had and it was a non-problem. FYI: i had not 1 but 2 shigoto awaiting for confirmation as a resort and exodus from hell on earth. BUT i was assured not to go ahead with that. ASSURED until a week before it befalls on me. a week before and after i had let everything else go in the light of that assurance i had. they betrayed me. that somebody included. and it become the black phantom eversince.

13. not trying to revisit the phantom. the mere scribbling due to current surfacing of the issue and i feel i need to make it known to those who didn't know what really went down, of the hows and whys to just 'back-off'! you weren't there, you don't know, it certainly doesn't concern you so why bother? sebab best jadik nossy body la itu sebabnya kan? it's really fun to see other people got beaten up kan? wait for your turn then. we'll see who have the biggest laughs.

14. and because of that (if any) makes me a nervewreck. i want to prove them, oh how i want to prove them. and i already have the prove. and i want to have that biggest laugh at the end.

15. it's so bad to a point some labeling kyunoterebiwa losers dump-site. those who can't succed, rejects, leftist, side-liners (just merely playing with names) you get the idea kan.

16. If there's anything i learn; back-stabbing is a virtue, top-notch arse kisser a trait, villain always win, sugar-coated is reality, extra-hours is so charity in a mandatorily way of being grateful without asking back any monatery form of payment and if you make noise you reprimanded

17. Conclusion. what goes around comes around. being a sorry arse whining losers won't help (mine included) and to err is human to forgive is divine (yeah tell me about it) but to not repeat same mistake is magnifique, to not stay at same place for a long time is a smart-arse, to being pushed and swallowing it altogether is bullying anyway you want to put it!

18. stop fidgeting tomorrow's a new day, and if you hate hearing me whine a little, talks crap in between, curse once in awhile, praise the other time you can POG MO THOIN! that people is IRISH-GAELIC means 'KISS MY ARSE' (knew you couldn't guess that, i took the liberty of salvaging you from killing your self)


mizzyN said...

so many words, i was lost.

AkaZukii said...

haha..baca la read between the line