Friday, March 12, 2010

Al-Fatihah Eddy Adika


Kullun Nafsin Za Ikatul Maut.

My condolences to the family of Allahyarham Eddy Adika. He passed away at home in Johor Bahru, Johor at 10 pm, 12th of March 2010. I think he's 22 years old.

He was ex-trainee at NCA TV9 once. back in 2008.

For the brief 4 months i had spent with him, i knew him as this bubbly, super charming friend. Whoever knew, behind those smile and brave face he kept a secret - he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was struggling for dear life.

When he finished the internship, i never got to meet him and the last time was at Berjaya Media Nite courtesy of my old UIA friend -Liza. She invited me and said i could bring a few friends - one of them was Eddy.

I remembered that night we gigled, ate and just had fun. Posing for pictures making silly faces.

I was never close to him at work, but we did share a few secrets here and there, swapping stories once in awhile but basically he'd be one of my lunch-mates.

However, I would still regard him a friend. And as a friend, this is a second time i lost one. The first time was in primary school -a chinese friend and we all went to the crematorium to pay our last respect.

And this time Eddy. IF there's anything that i regret - is that i didn't take the time to check in with him especially during the last few months when i knew his health was failing, when he needed a shoulder to cry on or just plain company even if it means via sms-es.

I regretted the last sms was only a brief TQ and 'How are you hope you're well' when he congratulated me on my newborn baby.

And now he's gone I regret not able to pay my last respect to him. Eventhough every muscle in my body aches to do so, i can't.

reason #1 : have to leave my 9 months old baby who by the way fell off our bed last night.

reason #2 : the place is quite far. if i were to go, be best not to travel alone. and since other colleague seem to be working or occupied with something else......

EDDY ADIKA i am sorry. i know this note is too late. BUT i am so sorry. I still love you and will remember you as that cheerful EDDY ADIKA that was a friend to me. Though I could have been a better friend but i failed in doing so.

Above: One of my last moment with Eddy. Do disregard the fact of my silly face. Seen here after our night out at Berjaya Media's Night. There are more pictures of him and I, but it's all kept in my HDD of which at the moment seems to malfunction.


mizzyN said...

condolences to his familt

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