Saturday, January 10, 2009

From KL-Guatemala: The world condemn Israelis!

It has been more than 2 weeks than since the bombardment of Israelis onto Gaza, And the bloodshed continues with death tolls accounting to 800 souls and more..Now, like most Muslim in the world, I share deeply the heartbreak of the Palestinian people and condemns the aggression of the Zionis on them. I fret about writing my feelings though since the attacks until now, because I feel my sentiments won't change anything, won't stop the massacre and so does the angst pouring from muslims around the world. I feel helpless..BUT everytime I watch the news and look at pictures of those limbs and parents gone due to the bombings of Tel Aviv, i shivered..not in fear, but in utter hatred and fury towards the ISRAELIS.

Now, what disgust me the most, in sheer desperation, some marched in peacefull congregation to voice out their disappointments simply because of the complete political failure of world leaders; especially the diysfunctional UN and the chicken-shit Arab League Leaders. The laknatullah Israelis clearly violates humantarian law by continuing air and ground attacks when they were clearly warned not to. All for absurdity: eliminating Hamas militants!

BUT here's a fact: UN on 9th of January released a therall investigation of the bombardment on Al-Jabaliya UN school which took the lives of more than 100 civillians including UN staff. There were no Hamas militant killed or involved during the bombardment either by taking shelter in the school compound or masquerading as civilian. So why, did you ISRAEL have to bomb that school? what possible inhuman act can kids and women who were taking shelter in the school play in this one-sided war??

So what is left with us then? what choice do we have to help the Palestinian people? Will you be willing to take up a gun, a snipper and go to war in the name of jihad? will you leave your worldly belongings, family and loved ones to have a fighting role in the war? I'm pretty sure most will say NO! i know i will have to say no..i'm just not capable and brave enough for jihad. at least I'm honest to admit this. And so, what else can we, Malaysians, Indonesians (just to name a few) do to help?

Boycotting US & Israelis goods??? perhaps..BUT let's be realistic; how many of y'll out there really can leave without your beloved LEVI'S, your DIET COKE, that yummy McDONALD burger,that wonderful STARBUCKS moccha...and the list continues for Big boycott campaign click here

BUT having said that i applaud at those who really can pull it off. My deep respect for those who goes for jihad in the name of freeing the Palestinian people. BUT most, i say MOST, just jumps in the bandwagon not knowing for real what the real deal is. I say this with disgust at those who marched and yell the anti-zionis slogan on the streets BUT still wears LEVI'S, still eat and sleeps McDONALD & BURGER KING! talk about walk the walk and talk the talk people. and everyday of the occupation goes by, you see more and more people sending in press invitations, sucking all the attention needed, wrapping themselves with Palestinian scarfs and trotting with hate banners and placard of BUSH...and for what really? just for a cheap publicity that says, "hey,look at me y'll i support the palestinian and i'm here for a show, do vote for me in the upcoming kampung election, committee ABC election yada yada yada..."this what irks me most!

the best way i think, is to keep praying to Allah, sedekah your Al-Fatihah that our brothers and sisters will be freed from the atrocities they're facing now. AMIN! to the rest, stop being TOO DAMN EMOTIONAL and starts being REALISTIC. and this goes to the leaders as well. you want to help? donate to PALESTINIAN RELIEF FUND! you want to help? let's all be united, all the ARAB WORLD and BOMB TEL AVIV!! now that's WAR!!!!!!!!!

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