Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Of 1430 hijri and 2009


1. It's officially a new year today. and in exactly 2 months and 9 days from now i'll be 27 years old and soon to be a mother! yes, that's the update i've been procrastinating to write about. You see all of my previous posts i raved about the protruding tummy i thought i garnered out of eating excessively..BUT instead it turned out to be a featus that's soon gonna pooped out from my belly in due time insyaAllah somewhere in june.

2. Now that i'm pregnant, i have a newfound respect for all mothers. including my own. i mean, i'm only 4 months preggy but already i feel terrible and horribly burden by it. not to mentioned the fear of bearing future responsibility of being a mom and yes, enduring horrific labor pain. having said that, i must count my blessings. I do not have any morning sickness right from the start till now. and hopefully never.

3. Of which is the reason why i only discovered i was pregnant after 2.5 months! because i wasn't feeling any headaches, nausea, morning sickness etc. i was pretty active basically throughout the first trimester of pregnancy. the only indications then, was my bulging belly and excessive craving for foods and napping!

4. the following fact may sound cruel. BUT i wasn't thrilled to know i was impregnated! as i religiously wrote before, i'm yet to achieve my dream, there's so many things i want to do and accomplish, one of them is definitely furthering my studies in MA and if possible PhD. getting that dream job, doing things i love most (can't reveal my wishlist here can i? it probably won't come true)

5. as such being preggy i find would only steer me away from my dreams and goals in life. the thought of having a baby before all of that, before reaching 30 was not acceptable. i actually cried my eyeballs out upon finding out the news (litterally seconds after taking the pregnancy test)

6. BUT things changed a bit and i'm grateful for it. it changed right about when i first heard my baby's heartbeat and saw the baby's image on ultrasound scanning machine. it was unbelievable. i feel sorry for my baby for not wanting him/her at first but now seeing this another soul living and enlarging in me, i'm utterly grateful for the gift from Allah. my maternal instinct starts to kick in and vow not to miss taking the awful taste of folic acid pill and other vitamins.

7. being pregnant also means that i have to kick out my favourite drink in the whole wide world: caffein! namely coffee, teh tarik, coke.

8. being pregnant i have to ditched all my heeled shoes and resort to comfy n flat ones.

9. being pregnant, i have the delights of being pampered by my beloved hubby. TQ redz1luv.

10. BUT the ultimate downside of it: I AM SO GETTING FAT AND FATTER AND FATTEST. though it's only 4 months, i can no longer fit into my favourite pants, jeans and shirts. have to resort to sweat pants oversize tops (you know not that i'm ever a fashion conscious kinda person, but the only fret i have with it, is that i need to buy new clothes!) not forgetting new lingerie lineups as well. will be bloated up soon!

11. and yes, after almost a year moving in to my hubby's house aka our house; i finally got my hands on a new reliable internet modem, that's definitely better than the previous one i had to use. as a matter of fact i'm quite surprise of the speediness it has to offer here in my housing area since it's quite remote or the way my mom would call it " tempat jin bertendang" and yes, i'm promoting that service particularly: it's called maxis broadband! it's super fast, better than streamyx (believe me i was a loyal user of tm of 6 years) way cooler than Digi and cheaper than Celcom. so folks if u haven't got any or scouting for an internet service maxis is your answer. (datuk ananda krishnan ought to pay some for promoting his stuff)

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