Sunday, June 7, 2015

I am no poet but you're my haley's comet

Although I rarely say I love you,
But do know that deep inside, I do,
For having you is truly a blessing,
Your my other half that has been missing;
Over the years my heart grows fonder,
But it's no wonder,
A father, a husband, a friend & a lover,
You know what tickles my fancy,
What drives me crazy.
Lately I know I am busy,
Forgive me sayang,
Though I appear to be neglecting,
Not an intention of deflecting,
Thank you syg for staying with me,
Albeit my waistline you could no longer see,
Please bear with me for years to come,
When my body be like a drum,
Never succumb.
Alas this is no sonnet,
For I am no poet,
But you'll forever be my haley's comet.

For someone who I miss dearly, and only can see you through tv,
Me hubby, in saudi. Come back quick, i am going crazy. With the kids & work that's neverending, afraid that i'll jump-off building. 

Huh, even that part rhymes. No, i am no poet.
Not even pseudo, not even going to try. 

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