Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kullun Nafsin Za Ikatul Maut

Kullun Nafsin Za Ikatul Maut... Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun...may his soul rest in peace. AlFatihah and condolences to the family of Datuk Bukhari Che Muda, the CEO of AlHijrah TV and was also the ex-COO of TV9. He suffered brain tumour/cancer and was reportedly ill/ condition worsen since the past 4-6 months. 

I am just a figment of his past. 

During my short stint as TV9 journo, I had the honor of knowing him, as that Big Boss. And, he was quite close with all his staffs (TV9 wasn't as big and for the news department, we were very new thus he was on close monitor on our progresses).

I remember he was a soft spoken man, who talks little and smiles a lot. And if he's angry, his face will turn red (as he has a very fair skin).

And of course, my most memorable time was during that "black episode" of my life. I and another soul went in to see him and...well, the rest I couldn't say was the fondest memories or experiences I've had with him. BUT, he did in the end "granted" my renewal. 

As numero uno at that time and who has my fate in his hands, he did graciously "save" me. And for that, I must thanked him. 

When he resigned as the COO, he got to be the CEO of another tv station and must say, many...many TV9's staffs follow suit. Berhijrah as the say. Aptly so in a TV station called "AlHijrah". And right about 2 years in operation, he was bestowed the honorary title of 'Datuk'. 

Guess that's about what I know of him.

And, if it's not due to my hub working in the media realm, I wouldn't know about his deterioarating health due to cancer. 

And, in the final moments, my ex-Editor in Chief were the one who keep me updated with his condition.

Alas, this one man is gone. A man who has touched life of many. As the head of 2 TV stations. It was reported he died at 6.08 this morning, and when I received the news, was up for Subuh prayer, and noticed the weather was somber, rainy and cold. As if in mourning of his passing.

AlFatihah to Datuk Bukhari and my heartfelt condolences to grieving family. In Shaa Allah, his soul is placed in the everlasting jannah. Amin. 

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