Monday, December 29, 2014

Clippings of Malay Renaissance

In conjunction with the upcoming gathering of 20,000 Malays & Bumiputera (the sons of soil) that will be organised by Majlis Perundingan Melayu (MPM) or the Malay Consultative Council along with 6 other organisations scheduled (re-scheduled actually) to 7 March 2015, these are some of the news clippings that went on-air regarding the event.

From the many media email invites that I blast, about 12 (minus Utusan which is the media partner for MPM) came to the press conference that was held in UiTM. Not too shabby I might add, considering that this is only a PC (without any cabinet ministers or that equivalence) and well, for an event that only during that PC was announced to be postponed (supposedly held 10 Jan 2015), it is no wonder that the only mainstream TVs who came did not air the story (NTV7 dropped and not pick-up by the other MPB TVs while AlHijrah I am not sure) to give way to more important news such as the flood & missing Air Asia flight.

As a reporter myself (once upon time) I knew the MO of the newsroom - especially during crises such these, the value of news other than the two big events mentioned above, will not hold (not really worthy of airtime). In fact, I had to actually kept bugging my friends about my event, and remind them every single day since I blast the email (on Christmas's Eve) to cover and grace the PC.

Thus under these circumstances I think I did fine in asking the media to come. In fact, thank God I chose to go with my instinct and invite as well the 'alternative' media that perhaps not too inclined in writing positive stories on Malays or what not...BUT I knew, again considering the circumstances, I should just invite them.

Anyway thank you my media peeps. I hope you will continue to support any UiTM events and masscomm especially for years to come and grace us with your presence and excites us with your fantastic writings.

Thank you, NTV7 (Media Prima Berhad), AlHijrah, Utusan, Berita Harian, MalaysiaKini, The Sun Daily, NST, MobTV, The Mole, The Malaysian Insider, BERNAMA Wires, Sinar Harian, and our in-house UFM & Corporate Communications.

Malaysiakini TV
Free Malaysia Today
Bernama Wires
The Mole
Malaysian Insider

THANK YOU! Me, pacal yang hina hanya menjalankan tugas.

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