Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mau apa lagi depa ni?

What else does (the non-malays,non-muslims) want?

In yet another round of ruckus of the never-ending spats of holier-than-thou, abolish-this-and-that, we-want-equality-BS and the likes, the local news (depending on organization) have set a 'colorful' headlines.

first on the 'scrap that race column' issue.

the non-muslims / non-malays (henceforth shall be addressed as "the nons") demanded that the government make away with that  race-column commonly found in government-related-public-forms in this country. Typically, you get the main three boxes as, yes, 1) Malay, 2) Chinese, 3) Indian and 4) Lain-lain or "others". So now the nons want these boxes to disappear, never to haunt them again. and as always, there are differing opinions on this - however typically divided into three - 1) agree (the nons usually and the so-called 'liberal-democratic-mature-modern-malays-muslims' , secondly the disagree group (again depending on what pov glass you put on, you may view these groups differently) and finally we have the usual 'i don't give a fakku' lots, vis-a-vis the fence-sitters, the i-go-with-the-flow lots. Of course the last group is the easiest to please and appease.

now, for the bajillion times - what else does these nons want? is it not enough with what they have in their hands? apparently not. you see, EQUALITY is what they seek you might argue. BUT is it really? for again bajillion times we see explanations from exemplary leaders, statesmen, credible politicians on this matter - that the basic Four traditions enshrined in the constitutions pertaining to the Malay supremacy, which are the Malay rights, the Malay rulers, the Malay language and Islam as the official religion - are not to be toyed with. for the defenders of the Constitution, these traditions are pillars of Malaysia that should be respected with, whilst the offenders - nay, they say - men writes this constitutions, men can alter it too. and yes, MEN CAN DO THAT. majority rules remember? if majority of members of the parliament agrees that there should be amendments in the Constitution regarding this matter, it will be just that - AMENDMENTS.

you see, the nons tasted blood. and by blood i mean "political winnings" post March 2008. and from then on, their winnings widen. they tasted blood. and they liked it. they want MORE. just that. they've basically got much of the worldly things covered but political power. see that POWER. men just want that. men want power. to reign supreme. here's the problem. in malaysia, the perception is the MALAY is the one that reign supreme. BUT reality is, for the Malay, only these four traditions in the Constitution the "power" that they have.

you know, i don't loathe the Chinese, the Indians or the Others, mostly. no, I don't. BUT i hate the overzealous political chauvinistic of the nons - particularly the DAPs and whoever else that shares the same tent as them, especially on this matter.

as a MALAY, 'guarded' by the four traditions, I say this again (I've said this before in this blog) and I'd live by without that 'traditions', am willing to give up that IF ONLY the nons stopped PRETENDING to be the proponents of equality and justice and anti-racism what not while at the same time guarding to their last teeth on their RIGHTS to maintain the vernacular schools and systems! yes, start acting as Malaysians for once, abolish vernacular schools, assimilate with the rests and then, only then you can ask for equality and earn your place to bitch about racisms.


second matter - the supposedly coerced conversion during a seminar at my alma mater. again this issue is a 'package' for disaster if combined with the first's. RELIGION. ISLAM. equals MALAY, and we're back to that basic four traditions in the Constitutions.

as a Malay, a Muslim, I strongly believe that religion shouldn't be forced upon. Islam believes that every Muslim should respect others' faiths and believes just as we expect respect from them for ours. As enshrined in Surah Al-Kafirun (the Disbelievers) "to you your religion and to me mine" (6:109). thus if this allegations is true, then I too, condemned whoever coerced the students to say the syahadah. BUT if it's NOT TRUE, then the other party should stop fanning this issue, dropped it, and let it be. for Allah has chosen those hearts to have them revert to Him and who are you (we) to question the Almighty. EITHER WAY, the case should be thoroughly probed into just as many other conversion cases purportedly by Christians on Muslim by ways of deceiving them or via charity/missionary/underground works, since abandoning the faith is a capital sin in Islam and punishable by death according to Syaria laws.

point is: there should't be any selective cases. all reports should be investigated.

my take, however, if one wants to leave the religion by their own admission and freewill, without fear or favor, if you must then do what you want to. for religion is the question of faith in one's heart. believes of the Supreme force. be it as it may, whichever way the flow goes, who are we to police the matters of faiths. the matters of hearts. the matters of choice. OF COURSE with one exception, at least in this country. DO IT quietly. Don't go prancing around in a public seminar and by the end of the session force participants to convert to the religion of your choice. don't go public. because if you do, this what happens - chaos. ruckus. instability. misconception. misunderstanding. giving religion, ANY religion a bad name.

aiyayai...some heavy stuffs here. making me emotional and dizzy. i should just stick rantings about my little one and just be done being a normal, mediocre stay-at-home mom (for now). InsyaAllah, JUNE will come and brings me change that I long for. UiTM, wait for me please. and UM oh please be nice and expedite my senate letter. cut off the red tapes. I've been waiting since forever. Show me the letter already.

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