Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Apa lagi Melayu tak mau?

the dusts of GE13 has settles and what we see is what PM called "Chinese Tsuanamis". Taking the cue from PM's victor speech, the Utusan daily runs a controversial headlines "Apa lagi Cina mau?" (what do the chinese want?"). it sparks furore amongst the pro-PR, chinese mostly, other Chinese as well and even some 'liberal' Malays. Utusan online was down the whole day yesterday. Before the malays and even chinese got all riles up, MCA supremo, Dr. Chua Soi Lek tweeted in the aftermath of GE13 the followings: 

Thus the ideas of malays vs chinese in terms of political power is no longer an idea - it poses a serious need of contemplation. Meanwhile the proPRs rapidly go for 'damage control' - using the social media to propagate that this malays vs chinese and this 'chinese tsunamis' are fallacies. figment of imagination of the scared UMNO/BN, Malays. the bogeyman 'Chinese' is being used to secure seats. this will be the 'modal' Anwar and his cohorts will use, and malaysians will have to endure to another 5 long years of never-ending politicking. First of all, I've never seen PM so angry even during those short years as journo, covering him as the TPM, cant see his angry face but at yesterdays pc, you can clearly see he was agitated. And I am sure, as PM, he wouldnt dare say something like this, if he has not the numbers. certainly the numbers were presented and that is why PM can say such a thing. this is not an assumption, it is a fact. the chinese have left BN en masse.

it is more disheartening thatthe so-called 'liberal' more 'enlightened' Malays (those in PAS included) are the ones supporting this cause too. they rant when utusan runs the controversial headlines. they rant because that's the truth. it's bitter, but it's truth. simply said "apa lagi cina mau?" - to most analyst, pundits they reckon that the Chinese wants "kuasa bagi cina,amend constitution" -SIMPLE. And i share this sentiment. itu saja dia mau yang dia masih tak dpt, the DAPs.

meanwhile "apa lagi PKR mau?" - also simple"Anwar jadi PM"

and "apa lagi PAS mau?" - "negara Islam"


I have nothing much to say to the DAP supporters becausetheir motivation has been clear from day one - chase out anythingmalays/islamic abt this country.

BUT I have one thing to say to the Malays be it in PKR andPAS, especially in PAS.

If you guys truly believe that Malaysia is un-Islamicbecause of BN-UMNO led govt, can you deny the followings as being Islamic?

a) Halal stamps - msia is one of the leading if not thepioneers of halal stamps, endorsing and 'safeguarding' fellow muslims fromconsuming nonhalal foods/drinks. even in islamic country like UAE, adopted thispolicy in 2011. we have been doing it since 2003. now govt is gearing up tomake this country the world's halal hub.

b) masjids/ mussolla abundance - are muslims praying on thestreets? mussolla are made compliance criteria in public malls/hotels. takeindonesia eg: 79% are muslims, but it's difficult to find mussolla as easy andas comfortable like in msia.

c) Malaysia has practice/ implement Syariah courts/laws whenit comes to Muslims albeit not at the federal levels.

d) Islamic education made compulsory for muslims in schools.

e) the call for prayers, azan, are not banned, unlike inSpore for example (i take sg as eg. as many 'liberal' malays so much want to belike sg.)

I stopped at that. in short, if you want to preserve Islamicvalues and prosper it and you honestly think you can achieve that by supportingthe PR because PAS is with them, think again. Instead of Msia we have today, wecan be very much like the Indons when it comes to Islamic virtues - apostasycelebrated on the basis of 'freedom of religion', interfaith marriages condoneetc. and let me tell you, it is the agenda here especially in certain NGOs. iknow so, i've worked with them!

and when it comes to aspect of 'bangsa', if you think youcan preserve the 'Malayness' by voting for PR, because PKR is there, PAS isthere - think again. chances are we will be like Spore, where Muslims are beingoppressed and sidelined.

again, if you think you want to abolish these fourfundamentals in the constitution - the Muslims royals, Islam as officialreligion, Malays and bumiputra rights and Malays language - if you think allthese four parameters should be abandoned, then by all means support the PRbecause eventually this is what the DAP wants.

we are able to sustain those parameters enshrined in theconstitution because of the current govt, because it is a fact as it has shownagain in ge13, in the bn - it is umno that has control and in majority. BUT ifit's PR, it will be DAP that has control and majority, and in Karpal's words -over his dead body! if you want to have Islamic country!

utusan should run another headlines "apa Melayu tak mau lagi? (read: perlembagaan)" instead.

personally: first step, I am fine as a Malay if they want totake away my 'rights', in the same way and aspirations I demand that vernacularschools should be out! if you can deal with that, we can start talking.

all said and done, am not saying BN and UMNO is withoutfaults. this is the time for change. take out deadwood in UMNO, scandalous,trouble makers, ungrateful - shahrizat must go, rais also must go. if things is not changed in the next 5 years, even I will have doubt of bn/umno and will vote against them too. last chance for bn. please deliver. changes must include:-

a) limit the terms of ministerial posts
b) automatic voters registration when reached 21 years old
c) being a candidate in elections (next ge14) and ministers overall must have higher, tougher criteria. eg: the Muslims politician should have 'khatam al-quran', able to be imam in solah and basically all have paper qualifications - minimum bachelor degree (just like the 'rakyats' have to have certain qualifications in job hunting, being a politician too must have certain "standards" in terms of academic excellence.
d) third/fourth etc. language mastery is added advantage - the Chinese/Indians/Lain2 leaders must be fluent in Bahasa, and so too the Malays leaders must be proficient in English. again, there must be certain "standards" for politicians after all it is the position of representing the n (read: population).
e) good knowledge in economies, history and law.

Kak ros, please take the backseat. politics is aboutperceptions too. many people are complaining about you seemingly controllingover your hub, as I am a wife myself i can understand the sentiment of beingsupportive of the spouse, but if the wishes of the people is to see less ofyou, then do take note. I have nothing against you. and not condoning anyaccusations of the PR ppl on the lavishness lifestyles you have BUT just thisonce, now the mandate is secured, take the backseat for the love of your hub. Keepthe jewels, the birkins, the blings blings at home and private functions. Followthe style of most first ladies of the world – keep it minimum, simple. Tawaddukis key. And this goes out to all the politicians’ wives and gfs and childrenand families. Tawadduk tawadduk.

[PS] ive added up some more thoughts on this, ending it with a KRU song. don't know what happened and truly am tired to re-edit.. (got some links with "evidences" supporting that notion that DAP indeed have an ulterior motive on its political ambitions...ah penat. then there's the sinchew's online cartoon, very racist too if you ask me. go to mahaguru58@blogspot.com for that anecdote. dah malas aa nak tulis lagi. have been a week consumed with this topic. i am just getting tired and fed-up with the Malays especially that so-called liberal and more enlightened than others just because they feel that they're rooting for PR but fails to see the real agenda behind it. but then again, it's a democratic country, don't be such hypocrites if you can accept the state results with massive 38 parliamentary seats for DAP, then why can't accept the federal results? rumour mongers about the bangladeshi, phantom voters, blackouts should all stopped.  

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