Sunday, January 27, 2013

Between politics and fame. It's sexy, it's hip, it's road to stardom.


Finalising my drafts at this very end of my lifeline makes me understand albeit a little more than before as to why politicians or political scholars or just mere pundits get the fair share of fame and superstardom (almost), instantly.

Not only the topic is vast and dense and somewhat draining at times, but POLITICS is about everyday life. It touches everyone no matter how hard one tries to be apolitical about it. Trying to understand politics is hard, trying to write about it, gets harder. But not as hard as trying to be in it. Try live and breath politics - that's living on a war zone. It's dangerous, muddy, back-biting aplenty, rewards are great too, temptations to self-glorification abundance.

As a student of Politics - although my masters degree reads 'Strategic and Defense Studies', it focuses more on the International Relations subjects akin to studying politics. Addendum, thesis surrounds on political communication - I can safely conclude myself as a political student (somewhat).

According to TheFreeDictionary.Com, stardom is the fame and prestige of being in films, sport etc. Notice the etcetera - politics is one, I might add. I could deduce, that the lure to politics can also be of that fame, although many more are into obtaining financial securities i.e. projects, big salary, big house, big cars, big wife(?)etc. Money is always the motivation for any job and politics of that being a politician is a job.

What about those political scholars or analyst? What's in it for them? Is the salary of a scholar lucrative these days? I don't think so. At least not in government institutions. I rarely see university lecturer drives a Mercedes or BMW or AUDI or PORCHE (and if they do, mostly bought their first Merc or BMW while on a sponsored overseas studying course with the blessing of AP license).

The many books from many more resources needed for  writing
So for the scholars (pseudo included) and pundits - clearly money is not the main drive. It must have been fame then. To quote the famous (and dangerously good looking too even as he's aged) Dr. Farish Noor, he too was 'baffled' as to why he became famous. He said "all I did was to write about history (and politics too eh Doc), and the next day I became a rock star."

Don't believe me? Take a quick hop on the blogosphere and with a little help of wizard Google, and look at those scholars (pseudo included) and pundits that have made politics their main dietary of literature and see where they have arrived (or arriving) now, at least within the Websphere. Their blogs hits thousands per day, their social media accounts have hundreds if not thousands of followers and growing. They're slowly making influence, they are slowly paving way to fame, to stardom.

Point I am getting to is this: I take on political communication studies because I have always been fixated on it (I know, cliche doesn't it? But wait). I remember vividly last four years while filling out that scholarship form, I had to choose a course from four options provided as follows:

a) Visual Communication
b) Interpersonal Communication
c) Mass Communication
d) Political Communication

Of all the above, I chose option (d) without a blink. It was a clear choice, at first. A few moments later, I rationalise the options I have. As I have always been fond of politics, I knew as noted here, that it can be dense and draining to actually embark on a serious studies of politics. My inner voice was telling me to go for the safest best, option (c).

Now, option (c) did look promising. It was something that I have built on throughout five years of tertiary education and another four years of professional practice. I know option (c) well, that I think I can score on option (c) equally well. Safest bet.

But wait, option (d). Now, here's a sexy looking topic. It's hot, it's head-spinning, it's devious, it's mind-blowing, it's hard, it's unknown, it's vast, it's treacherous, it's entrapment. I have had no clue who the father of realism was, what post-modernism is, what's International Relations Theory, and all things glory of politics (in its philosophical terms, the web of perplexing thoughts of ontology and epistemology). Heck, not a speck I know of (and still don't quite understand fully). All I know, and heard, that it is exciting. The excitement lies in the bewilderment of sophisticated texts and terms coined hundred of years before. Didn't know that Pluto (the planet) and Plato is two different thing. That's how doped I was on the course.

Naturally, as human that is easily weaken with worldly temptations, I gave in to the devil. I gave in to Politics. I chose thee over being safe. I chose thee over being easy. I chose thee over being modest. I wanted to go in-depth, I wanted to explore the wonders, traverse the obscure obfuscation of truths, in life. I picked option (d).

Fast-forward: Inching my third year in postgrad studies of that merely of MA, I was lost most of the time in my second year not to the enchantments of studying politics, but mostly to the challenges of life. I was losing grip so badly, made me loathe life and cursed the option I had made. I cursed and blamed option (d). I cursed and blamed life for choosing option (d). I cursed and blamed life, basically. Alas, truth will prevails and perseverance is the only key for success. I know now cursing and blaming won't help me cross the bridge. I learnt life have many obstacles not because it is meant to prick you but to teach you to be better. I learnt there's always blessings in every calamities we encounter. I learnt the best resort is to turn to Allah SWT. The Almighty, the All knowing. As Randy Pausch said beautifully, "Brick walls are there for a reason. They let us prove how badly we want things."

I badly want this thing. I badly need to want this thing badly. I badly need to paralyse resistance in getting to this thing badly with persistence.

Not because of stardom. Not because option (d) is Sexy. Not because money. Not because career. But simply because to finish what was started. To defy and conquer the weakness in me. To have that end for a new beginning and everything in between. Amin Ya Rabb.

The workspace. Working with two computers, alternately whenever I get bored (Read; lousy way to motivate self) 
Right. This blabber is done. Flushed out my stress. Now, getting back on real world. Be nice to me world.

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