Wednesday, November 28, 2012

hardest thing is; to know which bridge to cross and which to burn.

Alas I am at that point in my life again, when faced with a dilemma as to whether I should cross this one bridge or burn it?

This decision is NOT easy.

And I don't want in any way, trying to repeat history. BUT things have been foul the minute I voiced out my intentions. Oddly, contradicting the ethos of that place.

I can understand the sentiment for the foulness. However, do they ever considered understanding mine?

It's NOT that I've taken them for a ride. and it's NOT that they have countered offered with something I could not resist.

Either way, the situation I am in, demands that I chose this path. Exit is the ONLY way.

Tried striking a 'deal' with them though, as I understand and truly hope I could accomplish whatever needed of me; however it seems that there are sinister plots set against me.

THUS, any sane and rational human would not want to be tricked in this plot they have in store for me. And why would I be any different? Why would I tolerate such injustices?

All said and done, what is appalling to me is the way things turned out, things that were said (or conveyed) was every bit the anti-thesis of what that place espouses to be.

The irony of life, yet again demonstrated in my life.

Never had I experienced such intolerance and spite when wanting to 'deguchi' from a 'shigoto'.

so the question remains: should I burn this bridge down or salvage whatever's left of it. However the former seems very unlikely. The animosity are just so high, only insane people would have the thick skin to endure those wounded tigresses.

I got to do it either way. It's either this way, or NO way at all and forever stuck at the place.

Jangan jadi 'yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran'. UiTM please, wait for me.

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