Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Be wary be careful

I just got one thing to say much to my reluctance, that I am reverting several of my posts to drafts, in the light of the new Evidence Act effective June 2012.

As I am writing about the blogosphere and its challenges to the regime security for my thesis (yet to be completed), I have find myself in the liberty of delving into the scopes of our sociopolitical landscape and its relating laws.

Though my convictions are not important, the same way this blog is - however since the Evidence Act amendments do 'transfer' the burden of proof of innocence to the charged person, I am therefore acting in the maxim of "better be safe than sorry", thus removing any materials that could implicate me into the provisions of that law is much reduced or removed altogether.

And, I hope the same will apply to you folks out there (save the "this utter draconian law, we want more freedom of expression, etc etc"), until that it actually achieved, if you are prepared to go to the court and forked out large sum of money for legal advice and representations, I'd say- drop any 'allegedly' or 'seemingly' malicious contents whatsoever, unless you are really some hot-shot cyberspace 'celebrities'.

In fact, I might as well just terminate this blog altogether and start a new, refreshed, and using a pseudonym instead of a blog that shouts my name in the face. Yeah, again, I know, not that I am iota famous BUT I've had my fair share of blogosphere-related 'brushed' with conflicts, and enough said, you never know who is out there reading/stalking/trolling this space. But that will only be done once I started that new job, InsyaAllah. OH my atarashii no shigoto, getting to you is so mendokusai to muzukashii kana,zannen ka....O Allah give me strength and yeah again want to repeat my thank-yous to one old mate of mine whom of all pals I have known, had willingly lent his ears (it was eyes rather :D ) to console me via the Internet when no one else would. Indeed, that old mate's offer of solace is much needed and to get from someone you least expected is scarce.

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