Thursday, June 21, 2012

Be careful what you wish for. so they say


Those words are so magical, and powerful it injects 'life' to the minds of the hopeless.

At the moment, I am one of the hopeless, but I never stopped to wish, to hope, to dream that in this moment of hopelessness, I'd get out of it, and there will be light for me in the end of the tunnel. There will be...meanings in life, equates to happiness, to be able to smile and laugh wholeheartedly without the fear of that smiles and laughs are forced emotions to appear non-hopeless at the sight of my immediate family, my beloved parents and most importantly my 3 year old daughter.

I need to write this, I need to flushed out these thoughts that is constantly beguiling my minds.

Until I find the end of this 'tunnel' of hopelessness, I will keep 'pretending' the smiles and laughs, not merely contented inside though I still hope, wish, dream that by immersing myself in those situations capable of triggering my endorphins to make me feel better, masking all the worries, suppressing all the tears, eradicating all the bad thoughts omnipresent in my right pre-frontal cortex.

AND for that I won't stop wishing, hoping, dreaming.

May Allah make it easy for me...For that is my wish, that Allah make it easy for me, that is my hope that things will get the way I wished it'd be, and dream Allah will turn my dreams into reality.. Amin.  

If people say be careful what you wish for, for the things I've wished for I refused to be careful, I want to be care-less. I want it all. I want the divine powers to grant me that wish, hope and dream.

For He knows best. He knows what is the truest of truths, the dreams of dreams, the wants of wants, the hopes or are those wishes, hopes and dreams are just mere wanton of selfishness. Allah knows best.

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