Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bad days...again

Still coughing like crazy. It's now been a whole month. Have had numerous types of meds. There were pills, syrups, and even puffs. Nothing works so far. The last time I've had this same bad prolonged coughs was last 2010. It was just as bad. Went to a specialist at SJMC, he said I was asthmatic (?) But not those kind where you're easily outta breath say when doing a cardio work-out. I was having asthma because of my prolonged coughs. Thus, was only prescribed ventolin, but I didn't think it has any effects on me.

This time around, my coughing seemed to be contagious and already affecting my 3 y.o. daughter. Our nights these past of late has been like a rivalry who-coughs-louder-or-baddest of same sort, the coughing usually gets more intense during the nights or early in the morning.

Again, went to seek med help, but to the same frustration I've had in 2010 - docs said it's again just coughs that's probably having the same tendency as asthmatic.

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