Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summoning the Inner Energy

OK. why is it when it comes to worldly things or "laro" stuffs we can get easily addicted or even would bust our arses off in accomplishing them out? BUT when it comes to pressing matters like in my case Thesis- i just hate it.

2. Seriously i need divine help. I've been stuck in gear 2 eversince end of June and this ain't good for me.

3. Am doing something about blogosphere because i figured that it'd be easier for me as well i am a blogger myself (OK tau tak hebat pun) but you know, i think i got the basic understanding of what a blog is about ...

4. then infused it with political things (as that is the subject matter that i'm required to do for my scholarship fulfillment)

5. if that is not enough, i gotta think something to connect the subject of interest (or more like subject of compulsory) to the courses that i've been undergoing..

6. the concoction: i came up with socio-political blogs & national security/political stability.

7. OK. so it is NOT something extraordinary. Probably even too mundane to discuss or finding out to some.

8. MY justification is: go low as this is only partial requirement of my MA in Strategic & Defence know in other words; as i've been ranting and raving previously , i am RUNNING out of time as such I AM NOT gonna delve into HUGE IDEAS to save-the-world-mission based issues. that would be disastrous for me.

9. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT just as i thought i've got everything covered, in fact was so euphoric that after my proposal's submission, i've got great reviews and a good-to-go signal from the SV without much adjustments- but yes, how me joy is shortlived.

10. thought i was going to make things easier for me, but SV asked to review 15 blogs in a span of 2 years! (i've iniatially proposed for 10 blogs in a year period)

11. NOW PROBLEM is what constitutes a blog to be anti-government, pro-government or the most difficult of all and causing me the halt = how to define a NEUTRAL stance bloggers to the establishment??????????

12. until i get this figured out, i am stuck in gear 2 forever.

13. hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllp

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