Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Malaysians Should Thank Anwar Ibrahim..

Salam. Shocking. Yes, I know..the title can be quite controversial..but I cannot help but to think about this one man and all the fuss that is around him. Yes, Malaysians favorite color now is Yellow. .....And it's all yellow, mellow..do not follow yo..LOL.

2. Apart from the infamous grainy black and white 20 something minutes of video..and the whole Ally McBeal court case drama from back in Sodomy I and Sodomy II, Datuk T Trios, Orange Book, 16
th September and now Yellow Tee Campaign..this tough guy does deserve a thank you from us all if anything..

3. Yes. If anything, Anwar Ibrahim should be commanded only because it was him (more like the incident that happened to him) that drove Malaysians toward a better sense of what politics is, the already politicians got revitalized from the comatose state they were in, many students aspire to be politicians, hundreds more likened themselves as political pundits...all inspired someway or another by this whole drama that many institutions set up new course or reformed existing related studies with that of strategic, defense, IR and the list of nomenclature continues..all but to learn, understand, embrace this uncharted waters of the nations politics's shift..or to the advocates of this guy what they term as "reformation".

4. Was I a fan? Not really, no..heheh but i vividly recall that time when he was sacked, I was in form 4 in a now one of the best cluster schools in the country. I, just as hundreds of thousands of people in the country was shocked, confused, angered by the incident.

5. And then I remembered going to school the next day, everybody in my class was rooting for this guy. Everybody was sympathizing him. Of course I do not think that my classmates back then figured this on their own, i mean we were just bunch of 16 years old high school kids...who had ever cared about the politics?? And i remembered because i was against this guy, that almost all that was in his 'fanclub' in my class do not want to talk with me for awhile especially when they would gathered and update their thoughts about the issue and if i ever wanted to joined them, they'd be like silence and ignored me until i go away..of course not all of my classmates back then was his supporter there are others that could be categorized as 'fence-sitters' Lol.

6. I for sure cared right about the incident of 1998. But i was the only one that was not on the same page as any of my classmates. Being a Dr. M' gen X..of course I could not believe all the accusations that this guy was throwing down Malaysians' throats.

7. So, the rage begins. The 'tsunami' effect took over...the 'change' movement gained momentum...and along the way right about the 'black eyed' incident, I was a 'convert' to this guy's camp. Yes, to me the notion that he was the victim sound just about right.

8. Fast-forward....we are seeing the whole scripts being played out all over again.

9. AM i still a fan? NO. I mean I hell do not know for sure that did he do what they say he did you know....the all..ummmmm X-rated actions and i do not want to delve in the subject.

10. WHY? you see...fast-forward from circa 1998 ...i'd like to see that i am more learned person now...i have enlightened myself with knowledge...LOL! OK sounds a bit pompous don't i? Simpler term= i've grown from juvenile 16 to almost 30 year old...so yeah, pretty much have a sounder, more reasonable , rational functioning brain to see that all this politicking that this guy and his compatriots are doing is doing nothing much BUT to break the country more, especially the Malays.

11. WAITTTT....don't dare to talk about race, it is Malaysia, 1Malaysia..we are 1 country. OK so yeah, that is the aspirations, the utopian theme..but it is still far-fetched if you ask me.

12. Because Race is always the issue. Religion is always the issue. However, to me...do we need to make this guy's dream to Putrajaya the issue still? Does he really matters? Is he the new religion that everybody has to profess if not we are damned and to hell we go??

13. Nay people! He is just a guy, a political motivated with self-interest to win over Putrajaya guy....and this applies to everyone in the opposition.

14. Wait. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that the government is without faults here, and the opposition is the way to go.

15. I am saying that, even if you 'X' the opposition, they are not going to make things right. Why? because they are a loose corporation. It is a fact that PKR is all about a man's dream to becoming the Premier of this country, it is a fact that the Rockets are about advancing secularism and championing one ethnicity (but no, they are not racist right? ;D ) ...and the other one...well, i reserved my comment for that one because i think the aspirations are true and good just perhaps ditched the Islamic extremism features if you want to get a national support (of course very unlikely because Malaysians are still very concerned with race and religion!)

16. One thing for sure, I find it is ridiculous for people to take to the streets and vent out their dissidents to the government. Yellow, Purple, White, Clean or NOT - demonstration is not the way to go. We are over barbarian era - diplomacy is the way, and if you really hate the current party then take it to the ballots and vent there!

17. Even more saddening, i foresee that the main quarters that will be the 'pencacai' are mostly Malays youngster, blinded by the name of democracy march or the Anwar's our new God beliefs...and while you are at it, the Indians too. BUT, we won't see the Chinese- except maybe a few of those familiar faces. BUT, the Chinese are smarts not to take to the streets and joined this so-called cause for a change!

18. So, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to see who's playing who in this game..and who's game of politics this really is....the Chinese - DAP. they are the mastermind in the opposition. OH wait, i'd be called a racist for this.

19. BUT tell me, who is controlling the economy?? Tell me, ask anybody who is not chinese, to take a walk in Sunway Pyramid Mall and try their luck at a simple job , no-brainer task such as a salesperson - you will find that most, MOST of the shops there unashamedly post a disclaimer of their vacancy banner with "ONLY CHINESE PREFERRED!" ( i know this, because i have tried scouting for part-time job not once, but thrice there..so tell me who is the kiasu race??) so who are the racist group here? Tell me, when dealing with these chinese traders or business even if it means simple ordinary thing like electrical services - they (Chinese) have different rates imposed with other race group than theirs that are mostly cheaper, so who is the racist ones here?? Tell me, what other democratic country in this world that permits vernacular school system than Malaysia? When the government wanted to take that away, those people rant and rave on the basis of preserving their cultural identity...what bull is that if not about race and yet we are still the one called racist??

20. and what is this talk about relinquishing the Malay Supremacy?? Even in the states that is dubbed as heart of democracy- they have the White Supremacy too. Look at Japan, though i know slightly different case cause they are of one race  country, a homogeneous - but the point is anyone who is not Japanese no matter how fluent your nihongo is, how excellent your nihon-no lifestyle practices are - you are still called a "Gaijin" and that means Alien people. Why? to differentiate them from others.

21. RACE does matter. RELIGION too. and in this country that is a melting pot of racial mix and religion, it is a bogey for racial tension. THAT IS THE FACT. Malays are the dominant. Malays and the indigenous people are the Bumiputra. We were here first. If this land is taken away from us, where are we to go?? BUT the other ethnicity, they have the mainland china and india for back-up and please don't be a hypocrite- most of them still regards themselves as part of their motherland.

22. Go back to the history of this country. Research and learn the constitution. Heed the advices of those who are learned in the subject of social contract such as renowned Prof. Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Khim.

23. I think, the government should introduced political science and law a compulsory subjects to pass SPM just as history subject. Because this three strings of subject make the perfect combo for enlightenment to our younger generation and not make them astray as blinded political followers.

24. Also, perhaps it is time for us if we really wants national integration to take place, then the ministry under DS Shahrizat should come up with an advocacy campaign that reads "LET'S HAVE INTER-RACE MARRIAGE" or while you are at it make it even more global - "Marry Me Malaysians" - so that we can produce a generation of mix-blood, mix-raced and when it's time for them to tick the box in filling up any registration form in this country, they have to tick all the boxes...now that's what we call 1Malaysia ..:)

25. Alas, be a rational citizen- don't be persuaded with ill-politicking and take it to the streets to prove a point, and yes Anwar Ibrahim ought to be thank for nothing but creating political awareness to our people albeit that does not make him the only reason we should be liberated for he is not God or even a God's gift like what his wife wants us to believe. And the government too has a role to play- get rid of those flimsy good for nothing type of politicians that are only in for the lights, cameras and most of all MOOLAH..but ain't doing much for the betterment of their own people.

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