Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's gonna be a girl, am anticipating..


1. how time flies. like always, been slacking off when it comes to updating my blog. not that i been super busy, just haven't had the urge to sit in front of the laptop and type away my trivial thoughts about life, work or anything non-matter.

2. I'm huge. no, make that SUPER-HUMONGOUS!! and the funny thing is, was always in denial whenever i go for my routine visit to the antenatal check-up. You know, when you're mother to be, your 9 months life of being pregnant will be harassed with this routine; having your weight scaled, HB monitored, pissing your urine in a cup-often hassling with bunch of bloated mommy to be in order to do so in a very uncomfortable smelly toilet (mind you, i am referring to an average governmental local clinic, thus you can imagine the rest)

3. The fretting part undeniably the waiting part! BUT having said that, alhamdulillah, the clinic where i go for my monthly (now every fortnight check-up) PKD Kelana Jaya- is quite efficient if not too sloppy for the bountiful of government clinics. It would usually take up no more than 2 hours for every patient. AND if you're really lucky ( i had experience a few times) the whole process could be as quick as 45-60 minutes.

4. Now that I'm inching my way to 36+ weeks of pregnancy, I can't stop to eat, sleep and rest all the chance i have. However, I realised my food pallate's quite picky this time around. NOT that I would devour just about everything i could get my hands into,BUT quite selective when doing so. I rarely eat rice, but when i crave for it, it must be accompany with an equally craved side dishes a.k.a lauk pauk. Lunch time for me now is no longer a fun thing. I'm so picky that when i do eat what i want, i can't really eat that much.

5. WHICH brings me to another frustrating state of my condition during this final leg of being pregnant. THE food section of my tummy seemed to have shrink-down in size. In Malay, i would refer the scenario as SENGKAK whenever it hits 'FULL TANK'. BUT now, my 'full tank' is cut down to almost 3/4 of what it used to be. SO i eat less in size, but frequently.

6. No matter the fretting may be, the end result still shocks me. I'm still gaining weight excessively during this month and i mean EXCESSIVELY! BEFORE preggy: 55kg. NOW: 70kg!

7. My underpants can either be very small (below the belly and therefore would only cover half of my larrrrge buttocks) OR HUGE, GRANDMA'S PANTIES- that could easily convert to a men's boxer.

8. BUT in all, I am so excited this final month, so much so i've become excessively conscious of any big bargains or sales especially for baby items. NOW that the scan confirmed we're going to have a baby girl insyaAllah, I'm always on the lookout for any girly-girly, pinky-pinky baby item; mittens and booties, rompers, blankets etc. Guess all that consciousness come from the maternal instinct from within.

9. Talking about preparing for the unborn baby to this wild world, I've had pretty much everything covered for my princess insyaAllah. Although,there are a few things that i wish i could have.

- A nursing top/ poncho
Now i reckon it's the 'in' thing to have especially when you're breastfeeding a child. Of which when you do it ain't gonna be a pretty sight for all to see exposing the ugly nipple and swolen breast for a tiny creature to suckle.

- Electric sterellizer and bottle warmer
Again more a want than a real neccessity. Zaman tok nenek dulu takde pun pakai mende ni, anak-anak hidup sihat walafiat. Been eyeing on a few brands and fyi: AVENT is sooo freaking expensive. THEN there's PHILIPS or PUREEN or ANAKKU (less expensive) BUT on average most are priced around RM150-RM200.

BUT being the excited mommy to be i am now, I opted for a 'manual' sterellizer and asked my younger sister to present me and her soon to be born niece the 'bottle warmer' instead. OF course she said OK now, but one can never rely on promises alone (especially when it was uttered from a student aunty like my sister)

THUS, I decided to go for a manual sterellizer (budget) that cost me RM40. ONLY to find myself fretting later when I found out that The Curve's Anakku was and still having a sale and a LITTLEBEAN brand sterillezer and bottle warmer cost RM99 only!!! from a pricey tag of RM199!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn it!!!

Now it's going to be a girl, I'm thinking of a name that starts with 'R'. you know so it'll sync with my husband initial R- redzuan. Back when we thought we're going to have a boy, i wanted to name the baby Mohd Rafayel Mohd Redzuan or Mohd Rayyan Mohd Redzuan. BOTH of which i know doesn't sound much like a typical MALAY name but hey, who cares, it's my baby. the thought of naming the baby Rafayel was ignited due to hubby's fond interest in sports- tennis and soccer.

BUT since it's going to be girl; It's going to be Raihanna. after Rihanna :-) wanted to go for Rihanna but hubby objected the idea, he said it's not arabic. So we opt for Raihan and add the "ana" to make it sound more feminine. Then hubby wants to be fair to me (though i don't mind naming our baby after his initial) but he insist to have a 'NURUL' in front of that Raihanna name.

anyways, i'm not very keen on the idea of having a same first name with my own baby. I mean we can't have 2 NURUL in the same house now can we? :p

So, should it be;

NURUL RAIHANNA IMAN binti mohd redzuan
NUR RAIHANNA IMAN binti mohd redzuan

we'll soon decides when that time comes!!! before 15th JUNE hopefully insyaAllah and not in breech delivery...AMIN!

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